Chambers: A New Feature For Noise.Cash

By RFereru | CryptoStory | 19 Jan 2021

Those of you who are users have probably noticed a new feature: Chambers.


With this new functionality, what is sought is to have a thread of posts that contains those that may interest us the most by subject, and thus be able to ignore those of the general thread, in which all kinds of information can be found and, although Quite limited by the new rules introduced in, users still asking to be tipped, or a change of tip for a tip or subscription for a subscription.

What is Chambers?

With Chambers we can now select which conversations, publications, ... of we want to select. It would be like a kind of tagging but instead of tagging the publication ourselves, as we would do for example on Twitter, we publish directly on that channel or Chamber, although then it is also seen in the general thread.

How to access Chambers?

If you notice, at the top of the menu appears the Chambers option.


If we select this option we can see several things:

  • A search field. It allows us to search which Chambers we want to access. As we write, different possibilities are filtered.


  • Below the search field, you can see the different Chambers to which we have subscribed, along with an update button. By pressing this button, we will get a set of Chambers so that we can select the ones that match us and which we want to join.


How to add publications in a Chamber?

To add publications in a Chamber we can do two things:

  • Select the Chamber to display the post thread and then post to that thread.
  • Write the publication and, before publishing it, select which chamber of which we are subscribed we want to publish it. For this, we click on the new button that has been placed in the publication part.



This is new functionality and great contribution, long-awaited by users. Now we can have a thread with all the publications with the topics that interest us. Anyway, I don't know to what extent some users will continue to spam with requests for tips, subscriptions, or simply, not sticking to the theme of each Chamber.

If you like this world and you want to know how I evolved in it: Stay tuned!

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Thanks and see you soon.

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