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By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 26 Jul 2019

Cryptocurrency Trading- Experiences from traders

I have spoken to some cryptocurrency traders who eventually quit trading. They quitted not because they lost money in trading, in fact, it is quite profitable. They quitted because it is time-consuming and stressful. You will not get frequent sleep if you are a trader. You sometimes have to wait till night to buy some tokens when other buyers have gone to sleep so you can get a fairly lower price. Aside from this, you’ll have to switch between exchanges to trade different coins because of the conditions attached. For top-rated exchanges, a trader needs to go through the logging in the process several times for being inactive over a period of minutes.

Dropil- Automating Cryptocurrency Trading


Dropil is simplifying the case for cryptocurrency traders who wish to make a gain. With autonomous trading bots and other trading tools,  Dropil is essentially making life easier for all cryptocurrency traders. All trading bots and actions on the platform are monitored from time to time by human personnel to check for errors and consistency.



This is the autonomous trading bot on the platform. Depending on the risk levels (safe, moderate, and aggressive)  set by the user, users can gain returns in DROPS for depositing tokens into the DEX Investment wallet from the Drop wallet on the platform. Dex uses funds in the fund pool from users in a particular risk level to trade a token, on one account in an exchange automatically. Returns are deposited into each user's wallet and can be withdrawn when the principal that produced the returns stays in the DEX Investment wallet for fifteen days. To be clear,  funds in the Investment wallet are not frozen, they are available for withdrawal at any point in time. This bot uses machine learning to make itself better over time to give users better returns.

Read more about dex here.



Jade is another automated trading bot on the platform that allows you to customize your trading to fit your desire. It helps you connect your trading accounts from different platforms (Binance and Huobi global available at the moment) so you monitor how trading occurs in real-time. You can set your profit target,  risk levels, start or stop trading at any time through the settings.

Get more of Jade here

Max - Smart wallet


This allows you to track your portfolio by inserting your wallet address. You can also save your coins on the smart wallet. Max is designed to support coins and tokens from multiple blockchains. It is envisioned that the smart wallet can store and track all coins listed on coinmarketcap. You can set notifications from the Max wallet, to notify you either by mail or Telegram when you receive or send from the address you are monitoring.

Find out more about Max and Try it out here



Arthur gives you signal, analysis, and arbitrage tailored to your taste. There a lot of things you can do with this tool on Dropil. You can view the best exit path analysis for your coin. Sometimes you begin to calculate which exchange will be best to trade and withdraw your tokens or coins taking the withdrawal fees into consideration. Arthur does this for you. You can also check in-depth market analysis for your coins and exchanges.

Get more about Arthur here

Dropil has the Paper wallet section where users can design, create, and download their paper wallets. This is effective as cold storage for cryptocurrency wallets.



With Seer, you can create a prediction game and invite your friends to join in. The winner gets the prize at the end of the day. It will also allow you to try out in a test mode before going live with actual tokens so you can know how it works. Seer is coming soon.

More information about Seer is here

Note: Many of these tools are there for free and trials by all.

Opinion | How has Dropil held out for the past year.

I got to know about Dropil February 2018 when it began its ICO. I wrote about the project on Steemit as at the time. Dropil has been progressive with a lot of developments since its launch. It started with DEX but today, it has four more tools to automate the cryptocurrency market. I can boldly say it is not a scam. The project survived the cryptocurrency bear market through 2018 and strong standing today. This is a job well done to the team members and a community of supporters who believe in the project.

What I see next in Dropil

I see Dropil building a mobile and desktop application to help more of their users in the nearest future- I am sure this must be in progress.

Dropil will be happy to have you in its community Visit the links below

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Youtube | Telegram Chat | Telegram Ann. | Etherscan | GitHub


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