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By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 3 May 2019

Every active and working crypto start-up is working tirelessly to bring its community the best. This kind of start-up is always flexible and not rigid in navigating the road to success. The same can be said of the collective group as they announced a switch over from ICO to IEO recently. The Collective group will be running its IEO on Chaincreator exchange between May 6th and no later than July 15th, 2019. This was made known through a press release from the team on April 26th, 2019.

There is no doubt about the reason for the switchover as the Collectivegroup's hardworking team considered the benefits of an IEO to prospective investors and also for them. Without a doubt, the IEO crowdfund method outweighed ICO method which led to the team's decision of an IEO.

  • Investors will have a double layer of trust because the exchange to conduct the IEO must have performed their due diligence on the start-up before listing it. The crowdfunding will be conducted by a third party which makes it much more transparent.
  • Investors can rest assured that their funds are secured on the exchange as they are not contributing to an unknown smart contract. They depend on the security of the exchange.
  • Investors need not worry about listings after the crowdfund as the exchange which conducted the IEO lists the coin in most cases.
  • The start-up also saves lots of time, and cost that should be directed towards, designing a crowdfunding page and smart contract, advertising, sending coins to investors, listing, etc. as this is almost automatically available with the listing exchange.

The Innovative CollectiveGroup

The Collective is proving through the IEO partnership that it believes in the WE FORCE as the name sounds. Its core vision is to give the power back into the hands of its users. Through its Minimum Viable Product-MVP, The Collective is sure to push the crypto space and its investors to the next level:


CDEX- Collective Decentralized Exchange with smart contracts to help connect traders securely without any intermediary. The funds remain in control of the users at all times. CDEX is compatible with Ethereum wallets such as Myetherwallet, Metamask, etc. Trading fees are payable in CDEX token.


TraderOne centralized exchange for traders who wish to enjoy more perks from The Collective. The exchange has a double layer of security to keep hackers out. Surely, they have learned from the previous crypto exchanges hacks like Mt. Gox. 97% of all users funds are directly saved in Multisig Cold wallets while the remaining are saved on the exchange's hot wallet. This is a very wise decision seeing the most rampant mistakes and hacks on crypto exchanges today. There are loyalty programs for loyal customers to enjoy. Trading fees are also payable in CDEX. Also, CDEX token holders enjoy 50% off trading fees for their trades.


The Collective Go for gamers who are enthusiastic about earning crypto while doing what they love. The Collective Go is an Augmented Reality - AR game that allows gamers to earn cryptos as they play. The game leverages the device camera to bring the gaming world to life. Crypto projects also have the opportunity to increase their awareness and visibility through advertising in the game. Players can find tokens from the crypto project in the game, claiming it leads them to the project's webpage.


The Collective Global Initiative covers a lot of management and advisory services for new crypto projects. With the collective and its experienced team, all creative ideas are productive.

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Website | Whitepaper

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