Despite many Sad Experiences I have had investing in Online Business, Check out Why I finally got interested in One which paid off

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 7 May 2019

Personal Experiences rules present Judgement

One of the major reasons why I quitted online investments and HYIP was because of scams. Different methods unscrupulous people use to defraud people are just endless to count or get. I did one which has so much potential then, though not on the blockchain, they had physical evidence of what they were using our money for and they encouraged everyone who wished to visit to come. The ecstasy was short lived when their factory caught fire. They put strategies in place to mitigate and reduce the loss. But this didn’t work as their website was hijacked by a hacker and siphoning all the funds to a local bank. I lost track of their issues in court as it was becoming endless- or so it seems. All of the scenarios they painted could be a designed scam so as to be free of bigger investors who may want to investigate the matter thoroughly.
No wonder I am utterly skeptical about whatever I will put my money into these days even as I knew the blockchain tech. Personally, I don’t believe any investment website that says they are into forex, crypto trading, or mining.

An Encounter with Miracle Tele

But, November 2018, I was introduced to Miracle Tele by a brother and friend. They had been conducting airdrops for all crypto enthusiast to showcase their product.

About Miracle Tele


They are Mobile Virtual Network Operator- MVNO that has coverage in over 163 countries. They buy airtime from local Mobile network operators and sell at cheaper rates for their customers for data and call time. Because they operate in 163 countries, international calls, SMS, and data are greatly affordable and cheap. Not just that, they have Sim cards which they can ship to your location for just a fee of 10Euro. Interestingly, the sim card does not come with a number, you can simply select from the online dashboard which country mobile number you wish to have. At any point, you can switch the number with a fee. Free SMS is available on their platform even for unregistered users.

Blockchain Based and Stacking

Furthermore, being on the blockchain separates them from being just a network operator. With TELE tokens you can buy data, or airtime or request for any of their services online.

All holders of Tele Tokens can keep tokens in their wallets, or they can stack on the website to take advantage and be part of the beneficiaries of the company’s profit every two weeks. Currently, stacking 100TELE tokens on their website will fetch you about 2.2Euro at the end of the month. To ascertain the seriousness of all participants, they require 10Euro to activate your account. The activation fee is not taken anywhere, you can use it to buy tokens, so it belongs to you. With an activated account, you can have the private key to your account. All tokens you buy are totally in your control.

My Story Continues

I joined the airdrop, completed some simple steps got 100Tele tokens. I stacked the tokens and saw how it yielded rewards, I also found that they had been paying stackers promptly. They also give prompt announcements when there are delays. This got me excited and I wanted to start earning. After a while, I sent 10Euros to the account to activate it and buy tokens which I stacked and its yielding earnings since then. Actually, I want to stack more so I can earn more for they have been paying out stacking rewards since over a year now.


TELE tokens are still out for sale. They will list on exchanges in the next few weeks after the public sale. Interestingly, staking rewards will not be affected by the crypto market price. The stacking rewards come from 40% of the company profits shared with stackers biweekly.

You too should participate in the airdrop and see how they run things. If you are convinced, you can buy more tokens to stack.

Are you interested?

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Thanks for reading, I am Ayobami99

This article is as a result of my personal findings and experience. It is not meant to be a piece of financial advice and should not be taken as such. Contact professionals in the field if you want financial advice.

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