Merry Crypto Christmas

Christmas Crypto Trading: A Cryptocurrency Exchange Like no other

By Ayobami99 | Cryptostocksreviews | 24 Dec 2019

Crypto Trading- A thrilling Experience for Newbies 

What was it like trading your first crypto? I bet it's like heaven, you exchange your fiat to crypto by yourself, launching yourself into a new reality. I am sure with that kind of excitement, it doesn't matter which exchange you used (this can be different for few people who do thorough research before listing on an exchange).

A cryptocurrency trading action is as important as the exchange you are performing the action. 

After the days of Mt. Gox hack cryptocurrency traders have been wary of the type of exchange they are trading on. Security is one of the first criteria for choosing an exchange. 

A clean sheet is better than Contingency after damage

A little about me, my Circle and Crypto Trading 

Circle of friends

Hey guys, I am Ayobami from Nigeria West Africa. I got to know Cryptocurrency via steemit in the fall of 2017. I knew about ICOs in early 2018 through bounties. Being a Nigerian (with all the reputation which many have associated with my country) on cryptocurrency ecosystem has not been too much of a hurdle, thanks to the guys who don't relate with us suspiciously. But it doesn't mean we didn't face hurdles especially from exchanges who wouldn't allow us to trade because our means of identification is “unacceptable”. It isn't our fault, all Nigerians who are given National Identity Cards are given a temporary one for a period of five years before a permanent one is given. Not everyone can afford a passport as it cost is huge for so many. If not for exchanges like Hotbit who took us in when we were cast out. Giving us the opportunity to trade without having need for KYC documents.  

I believe Hotbit has seen the future, now, Exchanges are beginning to realise that Nigeria and Africa are a huge potential market. 

Crypto Exchange Securities 

In those days as bounty hunters, we trade in parks. Anyone from around here will understand that not so many people can do cryptocurrency trading. First, because they believe it is complex (which really isn't). Second, most of the times they have so small an amount of crypto to trade which may not be reasonable to trade alone because of network fees and fees charged converting to fiat. Security of the exchange is what we check first especially after a friend's experience with an exchange- a painful one. The exchange in question could not notify early until someone had hacked the account and used the funds to trade shit coins with his original account back and forth until all funds were gone. The exchange notified of a log in after 30 minutes. Though it was partially his own fault for not turning on 2fa we have never had such an experience with Hotbit. 

I don't know if you know, that almost all top exchanges have been hacked one time or the other only Hotbit hasn't. Being the third-largest exchange according to the number of types of cryptocurrency projects listed according to Coinmarketcap and the third-largest exchange in Russia. This is with 547 trading pairs available on the platform. 

About Hotbit


Hotbit is a Honk Kong and Taipei based cryptocurrency exchange founded in January 2018. Close to two years of exchange launch, Hotbit has been successful and scaled higher than many exchanges launched at the same time. 

Iconic Achievements

  • Hotbit is the first exchange to list some notable coins like Holochain's HOT,  PundiX NPXS, BEAM, NEXO, etc. 
  • XinFin's XDCE listed on Hotbit a few weeks ago and almost the same time the token price knew a bump in its price from $0.009 to around $0.011 and now settling around $0.010 and sideways. One of the XinFin community members stated concerning the listing:

“Good to see Hotbit with real liquidity and volume according to CMC! Can't wait for more exchanges to show real value!”

  • Hotbit was the first exchange to give deposit interests on some tokens to users with no freeze or lock-up period. 

I was personally excited to see that you can just deposit coins like Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH、ATOM(Cosmos), VOLLAR (VDS),  BHD(BitcoinHD), etc. and get a daily interest on your deposit after 24hours. 

Support Services

Hotbit has responsive support both on Telegram and web. This confirms their claim of having 24/7 support services in different languages. 

How will you celebrate this year Christmas? 

You want to exchange some of your cryptos for fiat on Hotbit and keep the rest to gain daily.

Merry Christmas to Hotbit Community and team members. 

For Further information on Hotbit Visit: 

Image Sources

Cover Image: Bitcoinist

Circle of Friends Image: iStock

Hotbit Logo: @Hotbit_news Twitter

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