Bitcoin transaction taking fore-ever to confirm, here is help

By L.J. | CryptoStartup 101 | 28 Feb 2023

We have all been there, processed a transaction, with a small clearance fee. Soon it dawns on you that maybe your clearance fee was just too little. Days goes by and your transaction keeps on jumping from number 28000 out of 32000 transactions, some hope when its in line at 15000 out of 19000 transactions, but the fine script keeps on saying the first estimated confirmation is only in 24hours, and it stays there. Before you know it your transaction is sitting again at 27000 out of 32000. 


Your transaction is now officially in mem-pool hell. 

Miners keeps on working on blocks thats transaction fees are higher than yours, and you whish you werent so stingy with your initial 1satoshi per byte fee that you opted for.

There is hope.

Only if your wallet supports RBF, Replace By Fee, tho...

If it does your in luck.

Even if you cleared your whole wallet in that tragic transaction that is now in an endless loop, you can still get it unstuck in 5minutes.

This is wat you must do first:

Download Electrum wallet.

Go to your wallet that you originally sent your doomed transaction from and copy your wallets private key.

Go to electron wallet, create a new wallet and select import wallet adresses or private keys.

Paste your wallets key.

Now acces your transaction through the electron wallet.

Bottom left there will be options, select bump up transaction.

Select a higher transaction fee, and sighn the transaction.

Violla, your bitcoins is on their way.


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CryptoStartup 101
CryptoStartup 101

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