Concearns about safety visiting Tobago


The Travel Risk Map has identified Tobago as a safe travel destination. However, as this dream island is not completely free of crime either, we recommend to follow some rules that are valid all over the world:

  • avoid wearing expensive jewelry and high-quality watches
  • do not carry more cash than necessary
  • refrain from the purchase and / or use of drugs. Even if the opposite is said, these crimes are consistently pursued and punished very severely. In particular, the import or export of drugs is punishable by extremely severe prison sentences!

Ask your host and, if applicable, your neighbourhood whether there have been any recent security incidents in the area. Follow them in your behaviour and in securing your accommodation (e.g. sleeping at night with the window open).

Larger crowds – e.g. at the Sunday School – are usually unproblematic. If you still feel that the mood could change, leave the scene and watch the action from a distance. The consumption of (too much) alcohol and drugs can unfortunately lead to aggression and end the most beautiful evening abruptly. The same applies to contact with heavily alcoholized persons or persons influenced by drugs.

Health an Travel Pharmacy

Trinidad and Tobago has a very good health system. A cheap and obligatory health insurance covers the locals. For tourists it is advisable to take out a travel health insurance. There are doctors and health centres in larger towns, and Scarborough has a well-equipped hospital.

From state side great importance is attached to the fight of the dangerous tiger Moskito in order to avoid the spread of the Dengue fever. Nevertheless, due to the year-round occurrence of other mosquito species, appropriate protection is recommended. Most accommodations without air conditioning are equipped with a mosquito net in the sleeping area – ask your host in case of doubt. Protect yourself during the day with a mosquito repellent with DEET (e.g. Anti Brumm Pumpspray) * remedies without this active ingredient have no effect on the mosquitoes there. Since stitches cannot be completely avoided, they should be treated promptly with a pen to alleviate itching (e.g. Autan Akut) *. We have personally had very good experiences with both the protection and the pen.

Avoid direct contact with the sand on the beach after rain showers. In order to avoid the bites of sand fleas, a couch or other surface should always be used. The use of a beach-Shell* has proven its worth in our case. In addition to protection against sand and sand fleas, it also offers additional UV protection. The assembly is fast and uncomplicated and the package fits well into the luggage.

Drinking water is generally of good quality, but bottled water is recommended for cooking and brushing teeth. This is available cheaply in all supermarkets and mini-markets.

In public buildings, e.g. smaller restaurants, hygienic conditions do not always meet Central European standards. Disinfectants * und Disinfectant wipes * are therefore a good choice.

The well-stocked first-aid kit includes products to combat gastrointestinal problems, fever and inflammation. Please talk to your doctor or pharmacist before you leave to find the best medication for you. Long-term holidaymakers are recommended a generous supply of the first-aid kit.

A hepatitis A protective vaccination is generally recommended before the trip. For longer stays and intensive contact with locals, especially children and adolescents, a vaccination against hepatitis B should also be given.

Even if Tobago is not a typical destination for sex tourists and prostitution is hardly widespread, the usual precautions against HIV/AIDS must be taken. Avoid unprotected sexual contact.

Protect yourself from rabies, too. Free-range dogs and cats as well as forest animals and bats are potential carriers. Especially for long-term travellers, children and backpackers, increased attention and a vaccination are required. In the event of a bite, please contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Please always follow the medical instructions of the Federal Foreign Office

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