FEG token is here to stay and it JUST came out 1 day ago. It is MOONING big time. Combines RFI and SHIB into the ONLY existing deflationary token!

By DeadlyRacoon | CryptoSplash | 3 Feb 2021

Reasons FEG is the best altcoin ever created:

1. It is deflationary, 1% of all transactions automatically go to the wallets of investors and 1% is burned which makes it increasingly more rare as people buy and sell the token.

2. 53% of the supply was thrown away and locked up from the start making it more rare and valuable.

3. It's community is growing so fast it is ridiculous, but the good news is for you there are less than 600 holders of this coin as I write this post.

4. It is not listed on many exchanges yet which means almost no one knows about it.

This coin can only be purchased on uniswap and 1inch as of now, but its community and developers are working to get it on binance, coingecko, coinbase, and hotbit as I write this. You can find out news about this token by looking it up on YouTube, reddit, and twitter. I encourage you to join the telegram for this token where the developers and the community are actively researching ways to improve this coin's value. Check FEG token's website out at: http://fegtoken.com/

Scroll down to the bottom of their website to find the link to join the telegram. If you have trouble buying the coin, join the telegram and someone will help you, and that someone might possibly be me haha. One of the most common problems that keeps getting posted in the telegram when people try to buy the coin is uniswap says something went wrong with the transaction. This is because you need to increase the slippage tolerance to 2.5% to let the 1% be burned and 1% go to all other token holders. A huge bonus for this coin is that the twitter account #WARONRUGS verified the validity and safety of the coin and projects the developers are working on and he is usually very against a lot of altcoins. Please do $FEG and your bank account a favor and buy this coin as well as share about it with your friends and family and post about it on your social media.

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