Join the $100,000 giveaway today!

Join the $100,000 giveaway today!

By Cryptospacepro | Cryptospacepro | 20 Nov 2020


Bitrue is the #1 platform for trading & investing your crypto. Join the $100,000 giveaway today! #BitrueThanksgiving


Period (UTC)

  1. Time for Collecting Tickets: 11/19~11/28
  2. Time for Game: 11/24~11/29
    *The game will begin at 8:00 UTC on November 24th
    11/24 8:00 ~ 11/25 7:59 Giving away LINK
    11/25 8:00 ~ 11/26 7:59 Giving away VET
    11/26 8:00 ~ 11/27 7:59 Giving away BTR
    11/27 8:00 ~ 11/28 7:59 Giving away XRP
    11/28 8:00 ~ 11/29 7:59 Giving away BTC

II. Collecting Tickets

  1. Sharing:
    - The first time you share this campaign to your Twitter, 1 ticket will be credited to your account.
    - Collect likes on the tweet, every 10 likes will earn you 1 ticket - the more likes, the more tickets
    - Due to the high number of people participating, your likes and ticket numbers on Bitrue will only update once every 12 hours
    - To read the number of likes on your tweets, you will need to authorize Bitrue to read information from your Twitter account.
    - To ensure that your likes are counted correctly, it's best if you use our default share message without changing anything. Our tracker may get confused if your message is customized too much.
    - If the likes on a particular tweet of yours are not being counted correctly, please send us a message at
    We promise:
    i. Only public information will be collected.
    ii. Only information for tweets related to our anniversary campaign will be collected.
    iii. The data collected will only be used to determine the number of tickets used in our anniversary celebrations. It will not be used for any other purpose.
  2. Invitation
    Each registration from your referral link will earn 1 ticket.
  3. Hold assets on Bitrue:
    Bitrue will take random snapshots of your assets on Bitrue. Hold more than $100 for 3 consective days to win an extra ticket. The snapshot will be taken from the first day of warm up activities until the campaign ends.
  4. Registration:
    During the campaign, newly registered user will be credited 1 ticket automatically.
  5. Duplicate registrations to gain tickets are prohibited; fake registrations or invitation cannot earn any tickets. Cheating will lead to severe penalties.
  6. A Bitrue account can only be associated with a single Twitter account, and cannot be switched.

III. Game & Prize

  1. Each spin costs 1 ticket
  2. During the game you can also obtain tickets via sharing and collecting likes; the more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win a prize.
  3. For a single prize greater than $500, the winner needs to share the winning news to Twitter to collect 10 further likes in order to unlock their prize.
  4. To join the lottery, your account needs to bind a mobile number, and have more than $100 in assets


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