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How To Avoid Scams Step by Step - Part 1

By Cryptoray | CryptoSpace | 1 Apr 2023

Greetings cryptonauts, today's post is more instructive than informative. However, it doesn't end up being any less helpful. In consideration of the large number of scams and diversified tricks in social networks and other gardens, I feel duty pressed to instruct new hyperspace voyagers on how to check whether a source is the right one or impostors.

From classic fake airdrops on Twitter to banners leading to malicious sites, including impostors impersonating identities on telegram or discord, no matter the nature of the scam; with some basic instructions you can rule out malicious information and not become the next one to get caught, tricked or scammed.

Impersonators at Trending Social Networks


The first and not least important step is simple, as it frees us from dealing with all of the above is to maintain discipline when it comes to checking what social networks are showing us. We cannot delegate our security to the few and sometimes innocuous administrators on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, before following links to juicy offers, airdrops or any other type of opportunity that may seem like our most immediate train to success, we must check the veracity of the sources.

One thing you should embed in your mind is that no matter how many retweets, follows, likes or plays the profile in question has, all of that can be achieved by paying (and has been paid for with money from previous scams). This is why we find the same scam with diverse accounts, with low traction and huge traction as there are a multitude of both high profile and low profile scammers. However, we can rule them all out if we are disciplined. Let's look at some illustrations:

Since the first example is about scammers trying to get our attention with the argument of an Airdrop by zksync, the first thing I will do is share the official account and how to locate it safely in a simple way. To do this we will use our own "oracles", preferably more than one. Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, Coinpaprika... three of them will be enough. We do not always find it in all of them, because sometimes the projects we are looking for are still not listed. However, in this case, coinmarketcap will serve as an example and I will not need to repeat it in all of them for this explanation. The real and only one Twitter profile from ZkSync is this one --> and the following images are only scam profiles catched by my self to be exposed in this post.


This is a low profile, few followers, random (or formerly original) content and old registration date so it wouldn't look suspicious if we visit it. But clearly is not the official ZKSYNC Twitter account. Check the details on the image below.

Low profile scam account or proxy account

But... wait! the owner of this account has paid directly to Twitter to advertise a scam, maybe it is just starting to scam or it is a proxy account used to not risk another high profile one in which a good sum has been invested, placing the ad from the low profile account. You can check at the image published below the proof, the same account with hasthag @zksycn_io paid to show the scam via twitter ads. I was just reading a tweet from @R3publicano and the ad is shown in the screen. Boom! catched, and snapshot for the post is done.


Scam paid ad on Twitter


After expose the low level account trying to scam people on twitter, here comes the high-profile account trying the same. As we can see, this other account has "another level" which I call high-level scam profile. Why? Simple, this one has 131,5k follows, an average of more than 20k retweets on the scam tweets, more than 240k plays on the tweet content.. and stills working avoiding the account suspension. Being crystal clear that is not the real and official ZkSync account and being reported by me (and others) twitter stills allowing this to happen 3 days after I started reporting the account. Check the proof below. 

High-profile scam

How we can fight with this? The only thing that we can do is report, and pray & protect our selves to fall in this black holes that are sucking insane amounts of fair earned cryptocurrencies & tokens. How to check if an account that seems official is easy by searching it on our every day hubs and following the official published links the images below shows how to do it at coinmarketcap & we reach the only one official profile. 

zksync real social account

zksync real profile


It is a matter that only needs some seconds by our time to be safe avoiding fake profiles. Ever! i told it, yes... Ever! check before fall it is what we call DYOR. Today we exposed some twitter scams & the next post will be to avoid other types of scams.


Take care of yourself and thank me later if you like. Once again and sincerely, thank you for reading, your trusted post has been written & shared by the one and only Cryptoray aka CryptoSpace.

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