Don't fall in crypto zilla scam

Crypto zilla SCAM

Dear friends ,


Today I'm here tell you  my experience with crypto zilla , a very promising profit is described in this system .

When you subcribe to this service you will receive tokens that you will convert in USD , the total is enough to do the first investment .






second you will catch some refs and you will add some money to your total after some time you can do the second investment .

During all time they offer you to deposit money and get 40 % profit from that .and several bonuses just to make you think It is a great opportunity .

You see from the beginning that there is something dodge but since I don't deposit any cents I don't really worry about .

Today I finally try to withdraw my  funds to my account and I paste my bitcoin address and push the button for my   5 dollars and you know what ...............surprise account blocked .





After few times I try , the message change and is now telling me that I can withdraw just after deposit 20 US .e12128ab07925e22cf7222d94a71a8c8f92462dc4b0010fbf063dd9eb29b7685.jpeg


They just waiting someone to catch ..................So be careful guys .


I write this article because when I try to get some information aboutthis scam , I cannot find any .

I hope to help someone before they trow away money , because people is human and on 100 people 1 he will deposit .......they just waiting for that one .


I hope to give some help to community 


Please share Your opinions in the comment below 


If I made you save some money please just give a good tip .





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