Withdraw these coins or loose them MyCointainer tells users in second round of delisting.

By Tomatosoup | CryptoSoup | 31 Mar 2021

MyCointainer, the Estonian based company best known for its services that simplify cryptocurrency staking, today emailed customers alerting them that that a further eleven coins will imminently be delisted from the company's services. 

From April the 30th the following coins will no longer be able to be staked or exchanged on MyCointainer:

  • BlackCoin (BLK)
  • BlockNet (BLOCK)
  • CloakCoin (CLOAK)
  • Crown (CRW)
  • DeepOnion (ONION)
  • Electra (ECA)
  • Metrix Coin (MRX)
  • MMOCoin (MMO)
  • NIX (NIX)
  • SmartCash (SMART)
  • Vitae (VITAE)

The company said the decision to delist these coins will allow them to focus on managing the remaining assets to be more profitable as investments. Customers holding these coins are urged to withdraw them or exchange them on the platform for Bitcoin (BTC) then invest into one of the other 100 plus assets still available for staking on the site. Coins not withdrawn or exchanged will be lost!

This announcement follows hot on the heels of the completion, of a first round of delisting which took effect today. Now gone from the MyCointainer platform are:

  • Bitcoin Plus (XBC)
  • DeviantCoin (DEV)
  • Experience Points (XP)
  • GoByte (GBX)
  • Luxcore (LUX)
  • Particl (PART)
  • PinkCoin (PINK)
  • Shard (SHARD)
  • Solaris (XLR)
  • Stealth (XST)
  • Wagerr (WGR)  

Clearly MyCointainer mean business when they say coins not withdrawn will be lost, so do not delay, withdraw or convert any of the affected coins as soon as you can.



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