The Best Crypto Trading and Investing Strategy
The Best Crypto Trading and Investing Strategy

The Best Crypto Trading and Investing Strategy

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 1 Apr 2020

How do you trade crypto and make guaranteed profit while ensuring your capital is safe without losing your sanity?

Every cryptocurrency trader and investor’s goal is to make as much profit as possible but given the extreme volatility characteristic of the market, about 90% of traders are known to lose money trading crypto.

How can you be in the 20% that actually goes home with profit, after all, said and done?

Here’s my number one trading strategy to give you an edge investing in the crypto market.

Swing and Position Trading Strategy

Position trading is one of the many trading strategies you can adopt if you want to play in the crypto market.

This strategy involves opening and holding onto a position for a long period of time; usually for weeks, months or even years or until you reach your profit target –whichever happens first.

How does it Work in Practice?

  1. Buy the cryptocurrency you want to trade after you must have done a thorough fundamental analysis. Check this article on what to consider before investing in any crypto project.
  2. Once you determine what cryptocurrency you can confidently risk your money on, locate a reputable exchange where it’s being traded and buy it at a price that’s close a major resistance as much as possible.
  3. Now that you have bought the coin, you need to set your profit target. How much profit do you want to make on this trade? – 5%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 100% or 1000%. Of course, you will want to be realistic and not get too greedy when setting your profit target.
  4. Do the math. Once you determine what level of profit you wish to achieve with this purchase, set your sell order targeting the price that will give you the desired profit and forget it.
  5. It can take hours, days, weeks or months to get your order filled; it doesn’t matter. You’re the patient and disciplined investor that’s going to be profitable.
  6. You can shift your profit goal post IF necessary based on new information; that’s also part of the game.
  7. When your sell order gets filled, you repeat this process with the same coin or another crypto with an equally solid fundamental.
  8. You can run this strategy on multiple coins simultaneously if you have a sizeable trading capital.

What you must know

The cryptocurrency you have chosen to buy must be one you will be willing to hold onto for an extended period without freaking out.

That requires that you have done your due diligence to determine the viability and sustainability of the project prior to investing in it.

So that if the price doesn’t appreciate soon enough to give you your profit target, you will be confident to keep HODLing.

If you buy a “shitcoin” like CoronaCoin and try to this strategy you will lose your entire investment if or when the project dies or the team exit scams.

Therefore determining what coin to buy is as important as every other step in this strategy if not the most important.

Final Thought

I have been trading BTC, ETH, KCS, and DASH with this strategy on KuCoin for months now and it works just fine.

For this to be successful, you must:

  1. Buy only coins with excellent fundamentals of long-term viability
  2. Buy as close to a major support as possible for maximum profit
  3. Exit the trades as close to a major resistance as much as possible
  4. Know that there’s no perfect entry or a perfect exit, so don’t bother seeking it.

You will still make it even without a basic understanding of support and resistance by simply buying and selling whenever you hit your profit target but you may have to wait longer than necessary to reach profit depending on your buying position.

This strategy is so simple even grandma can work it out with the right amount of patience and discipline.

What trading strategy do you use to remain profitable? Share with us in the comments section below.


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