Binance Launches its Own Crypto Debit Card
Binance Card

Binance Launches its Own Crypto Debit Card

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 27 Mar 2020

On March 26th, 2020 Binance announced the launch of its own visa powered crypto debit card with which you can shop online and pay your utility and other bills with crypto across over 46 million merchants worldwide.

Binance is always making concerted efforts to drive crypto adoption and provide products and services aimed at making life easier for its everyday users.

The much anticipated and awaited crypto debit card from the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume is once of such products.

The Binance Card 

Just like your regular bank-issued, fiat denominated debit card, the Binance Card can be used for your daily shopping, withdrawals at ATMs worldwide, paying bills and much more.

The card can be funded through the Binance Card App with either Bitcoin or BNB, the same way you will transfer a crypto from one wallet to another.

No Need to Sell Your Crypto

With the Binance card, crypto HODLers no longer need to go through the process of trying to convert their precious coins to fiat in order to pay their bills; you can just spend only what you need to settle the bills and keep HODLing.

Currently, the card is only available as a virtual card and in a Beta version, with a physical card scheduled to be released at a soon to be announced date.

How to Get the Binance Card

According to the official announcement, the card will be initially released in Malaysia, then followed by Vietnam, and other countries will be gradually onboarded.

To join the waiting list for the card, register at the Binance Card through the Binance Card page, and you will be notified once the card becomes available in your region.

Afterward, you can download the Binance Card App, log in with your Binance account and if you don’t have you can simply create one right now with this link (affiliate link), and complete the usual identity verification (KYC) requirements.

Once duly registered, you can order for the card which costs $15, to be deducted from your initial top-up. No monthly or annual card maintenance fees or any other hidden charges associated with the use of the card.

How to Use the Card

You can control the card via the Binance Card App. The App allows you to manage, secure and spend your funds easily.

Once you get your card, load it with BNB or Bitcoin from your Binance exchange wallet or any other wallet for that matter and head off to Wal-Mart for test-shopping.


Sign Up for the Binance Card

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