5 Reasons Why You Should Fully Adopt Cryto

5 Reasons Why You Should Fully Adopt Cryto

By CryptoSorted | CryptoSorted | 5 May 2020

Dear readers and followers –sorry I have been off the grid for about a week now due to some health challenges. I feel better now and hopefully will be sharing more content with us this week and going forward.

I couldn’t stop feeling bad being away from here for days. Feels good to be able to put some thoughts in words again and share it with you.

Thank you all for your supports and silent prayers. Love you all.

Today I want to share with you the 5 reasons why I think everyone should actually be fully into crypto.


5 Reasons Why You Should Fully Adopt Crypto

  1. Financial freedom
  2. Easier medium of Exchange
  3. Faster transaction speed
  4. Cheaper medium of exchange
  5. Greater privacy


1. Financial Freedom

Satoshi Nakamoto –the creator of bitcoin and “father” of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology envisaged a financial economy where every individual is their own bank.

A trustless, permissionless, and peer-to-peer financial system that is free from central control, manipulation, and possible censorship.

With cryptocurrency, you are free from the monetary heist of the central banks, government, and financial institutions.

Nobody can tell how much you can send or receive, where and how you can or cannot spend your own money, question the source or legitimacy of your wealth, or even confiscate your wealth for any of the flimsy reasons.

In fact, it is hard for anyone to know exactly how much you have except you disclose it by yourself.


2. Easier, Faster and Cheaper Medium of Exchange

Cryptocurrency makes it easier to make payments for goods and services locally and internationally compared to fiat and other precious materials like gold and silver.

Which is easier to send between China and the United States –cryptocurrency or fiat? It’s cheaper faster and more convenient –with the added benefit of free from restrictions.

What’s more, it costs less than a dollar to send $1 billion worth of Bitcoin to anywhere in the world –try that with fiat.


3. Greater Privacy

Cryptocurrency payments offer you greater anonymity and privacy. The name itself is derived from the root word –crypt– which denotes secrecy, hidden or underground.

Before you start associating that word with “illegal, evil and dubious” should I let you know that privacy is a human right and where is it most important than in your money?

There’s no justification to deny a man the right to earn and spend his wealth however and on whatever he chooses to spend it on.


Final Thought

Personally, within the next 5 years, I would have at least 80% of my wealth and investment in cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry.

What about you? What is your motivation for getting involved in cryptocurrency? Share with us in the comments section below.


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