The Best Centralized Crypto Exchange referral Programs

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 18 Apr 2023

Referral Programs that Pay

There are various referral programs that pay much money. However, not all referral programs are good and you have to choose the best programs. For many years I never earned much money from referral and ambassador programs. However, after I discovered the best combination of referral programs I started to earn reasonable amount of money. This article covers how you can earn big from referral programs.

First, you should not rely on one referral program. Insteady promote several referral programs which are related. I have been promoting crypto exchanges over the years and I earn a handsome amount. I promote PrimeXBT, Binance, and CIFDAQ. CIFDAQ is a recently launched project with a lot of prospect. But currently, I am not earning from it. I am earning from the other exchanges. As you can tell, these are some of the top crypto exchanges on the marketing. So, working with them is lucrative. And the good part is that they always honour their promises.

I will not explore how you benefit from each of these referral program separately, but let me explain what I think is the best referral program on the market right now. It is’s referral program. Referral program referral program enables you to earn in different ways. That is the reason I say it is the best. What this means is that if you refer someone to you earn from the people you invite in several ways.

Copy trading

If the person you invite trades and does copy trading you earn a percentage of his/her commission. In fact you earn a commission of 60% from the copy trading commission. And remember that most traders trade on a daily basis meaning that you earn every day, if luck enough.

Earning an exchange fee

Our focus on the referral program is to invite traders to the platform. As you know, when people trade they pay a fee to the exchange. You will get a percentage of that fee from the exchange. So, if you invite people who become active traders you will be earning commission on a daily basis. You get the commission from spot trading, futures trading, copy trading, Strategy Bot and Copy Trading platforms.

Copy trading and bot trading

Let me give you a bit of more information on copy trading and bot trading, so you appreciate what we are talking about.

With copy trading anyone can post his/her trades that other people can copy. Such a trader gets a percentage of the profit that the person who copies him/her earns. Usually, it is 5%.

With bot trading, traders can create their own strategies which automatically execute their trades. In this case, they do not copy others but craft what they think are winning formulae. They normally use quantitative tools created to minimize losses and increase profits.

Which is the best referral program? definitely offers the best commission in comparison to what other centralized crypto exchanges have.

However the best strategy is to have the main central exchange referral programs stated below. Click the links and join.







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