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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 21 Mar 2019

As a popular writer about Decenturion, I often get a lot of questions. Whereas many people appreciate the logic behind Decenturion, they question the feasibility of the project. On some of the forums where I write about Decenturion, I receive these comments and sentiments. I wish to answer a few of these questions here.

What is Decenturion?

Before answering some of the pressing questions I get about Decenturion, let me give a brief of what it is. Decenturion is the first borderless country, build on the blockchain. We are saying it is a digital state. We cannot physically visit Decenturion, but we can work for it and work with it.

One commentator of cryptocurrency and the blockchain said that Decenturion is the best of innovation arising from the blockchain. This is because, with Decenturion, you get a passport, a physical and electronic one. It has its own currency, its own ministries and employees. It provides a variety of services.

Decenturion has the best welfare as compared to any other country/state. This is because it gives its citizens free income. Citizens who join it become its shareholders. You can join Decenturion and get your portion of income too.


Is Decenturion not a pyramid scheme?

Many people pose this question. The reason for the question is that when joining Decenturion an individual is required to pay a certain fee to be a member. This fee is used to process your physical and electronic passports. The physical passport is very important when you attend international conferences where Decenturion takes part. You need a document to present that you are a citizen. This is a once off payment.Β  In some cases, there are people who volunteer to pay for others. In that case, you get in without paying. We have found such humanitarian gestures so many times.

Where does the income to pay the citizens come from?

The income comes from start-ups of Decenturion. When start-ups join Decenturion they distribute some of their cryptocurrency for free to the citizen. In fact, every start-up distributes 50% of its tokens to the citizens for free. Such start-ups avoid the traditional initial coin offering and opts to use Decenturion.

How do citizens raise additional income at Decenturion?

The citizens can increase their earnings in a number of ways. First, when they refer others to Decenturion they get a commission for that. The start-ups give the citizens their tokens to sell on their behalf. These tokens are sold through the citizen’s landing pages. From selling the tokens citizens get profit.

What is the estimated income one can get per annum?

The rough estimation is that a citizen should get between $15 000 to $25 000 per year. The amount that a citizen gets depends on a number of factors. Some citizens choose to become employees of Decenturion and earn more. Some participate in selling the tokens of start-ups. It also depends on the number of start-ups that issue their tokens to citizens within that year.

What jobs/roles can I have in Decenturion?

Citizens can do some various roles such as clerks, mentors and media personnel. Media are those people who write articles about Decenturion and publish them on various platforms. In fact, they carry out the promotion role. Anyone with popular blogs, websites and social groups can become a media.

As you can note, Decenturion is not just an internet community. It provides vital opportunities to citizens of the world. The latest statistics show that Decenturion had more than 600 000 citizens. You too can become a citizen. Its website is

For more detail about Decenturion read the article, The Strategic Basis of Decenturion.

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