Pipe Flare: A reliable airdrop program

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 22 Mar 2021

Pipe Flare is one site that offers the simplest and most reliable airdrops of all times. In itself, it is not an airdrop listing site. It is a gaming site. Therefore, anyone can participate in playing the interesting games that exist there. However, it is the airdrop side I want to talk about.

I do not really like airdrops and faucets because of the complicated natures of these. Sadly, I never benefited from dozens of faucets I participated in, like Coinpot, which ended closing down without paying us. That is where the difference is with Pipe Flare. What is the greatest advantage of Pipe Flare?

Automatic withdrawal

Yes, Pipe Flare uses automatic withdrawal. This means that if you have claimed a certain established minimum amount, your earnings is transferred directly to your wallet. You do not need to input any withdrawal details


What you just need to do is to save your wallets at the beginning. One day, you get surprised to see your tokens and coins in your wallets. Yes, I am talking of coins because you earn more than one token.  You have the chance to earn three coins:

ZCASH (ZEC): You claim your daily ZEC. The good thing is you claim only once within 24 hours. You do not have the trouble to come back every hour.


Doge: You also have a chance to claim doge every day. Normally, if you claim daily for a month, you can withdraw.



The minimum withdrawal amount is just 1 Doge.

Flare tokens (FLR): The third token you claim is the Flare (FLR). This is Pipe Flare’s internal token. Unlike, Doge and ZEC, FLR is not yet listed at any exchange. That is in the process.


How can you increase your daily claim amounts?

There are several ways to increase your daily coin claim amounts. You do the following:

Use Brave Browser

Link your social network platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Claim daily. This allows you to have bonus claims.



Pipe Flare is a great site to claim free tokens. You withdraw without any problems as long as you reach your minimum amount.

Are you a crypto lover? Visit Pipe Flare now.






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