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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 9 Feb 2019

190903265-a1d5dde0b7a5f59280bcc1c4d708f2d089d1266366797d49d40d9954d3039589.jpegThere are a number of ways which people can earn cryptocurrencies. The major ways to earn include trading, mining and staking. However, people can also earn cryptocurrencies through faucets, micro jobs, crypto lending and blogging, among others. Probably one way of earning cryptocurrency which has not been popularised is staking. Today, I will take time explaining what staking is and the earning potential.

Staking is a shorter version of Proof of stake (POS). In simple terms, staking means buying some crypto coins and hold them in a certain wallet for a fixed period of time. You will, therefore, be rewarded for keeping your coins in the platform. It is just like getting interest for keeping your money in a fixed deposit account of a bank. In a more technical way, we can explain staking as a form of crypto mining. With staking, your mining power is based on the amount of coins that you keep in a wallet. However, you need to lock the amount of coins you put in there. Locking your coins means that you cannot use them within the boding period, such as three months. Looking at it from another angle, staking is a form of investment. You have to invest your money in strong cryptocurrencies such as Dash, NEO or Okcash.  Once you invest through staking, you simply wait to see your wallet balance growing steadily over time.

Your earning potential, when dealing with staking, is based mainly on the period of time you lock your coins. The longer the period, the higher the reward is. The main advantage of staking is that your earning is predictable. You earn a stable stream of income in the form of crypto coins. Some staking organisations can reward you with their own currency. For example, if you have Neon wallet, you get paid in GAS, which is their own cryptocurrency. One site that is currently offering a staking service is Trybe. People can stake their excess currencies for a period of time, ranging from 90 days to 180 days. For instance, staking your coins for 90 days attracts a return of 10% per month. However, staking your coins for 180 days attracts a 25% return.

Let me spice up this discussion with crypto coin earning opportunities you can consider now. On top of my today’s list is Markethive, where you can earn 500 MHV, for joining and then earn additional daily income for participation. I encourage Markethive because it has a stable currency and wide range of offers to internet businesses. It is like a one- stop centre for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Decenturion is one of the fastest growing business opportunity, offering people with a diverse background an opportunity to earn not just an income, but a decent income. With Decenturion you can earn over US$1000 per month, by being a writer, a mentor, a citizen, an investor, a success coach and many more. By the way Decenturion is the first decentralised digital state. Its power is derived from its broad link with the world’s premier start-ups. To become a citizen, you have to make a once-off payment.

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