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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 9 Feb 2021


OroPocket, an asset backed banking platform has many partners. As a matter of fact, OroPocket is product of OpenDefi, a protocol which bridges the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. It achieves this by tokenizing real world assets, making them tradable, creating more value to it.



In order to achieve its focus, OpenDeFi has many partnerships impact positively on the activities of OroPocket and the value of its token, $ORO.

In the crypto space, the more partnership an organization has, the higher the value of its assets in the medium to long term periods. Also, users and investors tend to trust an organization that has many partners more than that without.

In other words, the partnerships that OroPocket entered point that it is a worthwhile investment destination, trusted and genuine. I have been investing with OroPocket for a long time now, I can attest to that. We shall focus only on a few partnerships that OroPocket or OpenDeFi has.

Partnership with Reef Finance: This is a worthwhile partnership as it helps OpenDefi to broaden its scope in the DeFi space. This partnership enables the following:

OpenDefi assets will become available to Reef Investment platform. Many investors will access them which is likely to increase their values.



The OroPocket platform will also have Reef’s assets. For example, people can stake Reef Finance token on OroPocket.

Partnership with Frontier: The partnership with Frontier enables OroPocket users to access more services through Frontier’s mobile interface.

For example, users are able to track their activities easily. More specifically, users with Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Metamask mobile wallet, imToken and Formatic, different OroPocket services using Frontier’s mobile interface.

For instance, OroPocket users can conduct instant exchange of various assets such as $Gold, $Silver and $ORO. They can also easily stake these and others.

One of the most important aspects is that users can easily stake real-world assets through the associated tokens.

Above all, this partnerships helps to increase the adoption of OpenDefi and OroPocket products.

Partnership with UNOS Finance: This partnership helps OpenDeFi to create market-oriented products. Also, it allows the Moonhunter’s community to publicise various updates and information pertaining OpenDefi and OroPocket.

The sharing of information to a bigger community results in greater adoption of OpenDefi products than before, helping to the value of its assets.

Partnership with BitBns: BitBns is one of the biggest exchanges in India. By forging this partnership, the $ORO token is listed on Bitbns. This enables many crypto lovers in India to buy the ORO using INR. This is a big boost to the OpenDeFi community7706d7c4bb768567cfc739c5dd21dc619783df9e0be36452cdf40112fbd0aeda.png



Partnership with Covalent: Covalent, a lending platform’s API brings transparency and increases exposure of assets across different blockchain networks. Therefore OpenDeFi users will get more information and analytics on what will be happening.

Partnership with Centaur: This partnership helps to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi. This is through the tokenisation of real world assets such as gold and silver. What happens is that OroPocket includes its tokens on Centaur liquidity pool. This increases investment.



As a result, OroPocket users are able to earn more through holding the assets, including Centaur’s token $CNTR.

Other partnerships: As alluded above, we cannot discuss all the partnerships now. OpenDeFi also partners with Shyft, TDEFi and UniLend.

OpenDefi products: The products of OpenDeFi such as $ORO are listed on various exchanges. Therefore, they are already tradable.

Apart from ORO token, there are also $Gold and $Silver, which you can also buy and sell.


However, one of the best developments involving the OpenDeFi protocol is UNIFARM which is a platform, where an individual earns up to five tokens (assets) by staking one of them. This investment opportunity is one of the best you can have on the market.


If you want to stake and earn up to five tokens by investing one visit, now.


For more information on the existing investment opportunities involving OpenDeFi or OroPocket visit the telegram chat group: 



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