OroPocket, Offers User-friendly Banking Services

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 4 Dec 2020

OroPocket is a decentralized banking platform which has simple procedures and processes. It allows people to invest in different physical assets such as real estates, art and energy. They can also invest in other non-physical assets such as patents and equity stocks. Apart from this, users can also trade in precious minerals such as gold and silver.

As you can see, OroPocket opens a new era of banking service. With regard to traditional financial system there is no room to trade in real world assets but OroPocket has that all-important service. Interestingly, OroPocket banking has various advantages such as low interest rates, inflation and greater availability of funds.

Basically, OroPocket achieves this through tokenizing real world assets such as houses, buildings or dams. For instance, it tokenises gold and other precious minerals. This opens a greater possibility for many people to invest. Imagine someone, tokenizing his/her artwork and trade the resultant token.

Why creating OroPocket?

The OroPocket was created to overcome some challenges which the legacy banking system faces and cannot offer lasting solutions. The scope of focus of OroPocket include:

  • Overcoming inflation which is rampant in the traditional banking sector,
  • Providing stable investment opportunities, unlike the gambling with users’ funds which traditional banks do,
  • Ensuring that interest rates are always positive. Traditional banks at times have negative interest rates, which negatively affect the investment momentum.
  • As a decentralized institution, OroPocket has no political interference and influence. This means that the bank operates to meet its mandate of offering profitable investment.
  • Unveiling funds to all interested parties. People will have unlimited access to their invested funds and returns.
  • Providing a reliable and efficient banking system to more than 3 billion people who are currently operating without bank accounts.

Services it offers

OroPocket offers world-class financial services to people around the world without discrimination and restrictions. Anyone can join OroPocket banking today and benefit from its services. Some of its outstanding services include instant trade, low interest loans and high yield investment opportunities.

Instant trade: Users can carry out instant trade of real world assets without experiencing slippage. Assets holder simply transfer their assets to the trading smart contract. In return they earn USDT or USDC.

Instant low cost loans: OroPocket offers its members instant low interest loans without any complicated procedures such as credit checks or verification by central authority. Their tokenized assets act as collateral.

High yield earning: OroPocket provides participants with high yield investment opportunities. All that users need to do is to stake their tokenized assets and start farming on a weekly basis. As a result, users earn from the assets they normally do not user.

For instance, a user can tokenize a house and start earning from it, even if people live in it.

Universal cross chain support: One important feature of OroPocket is the cross-chain support it gives to its members. This means that people can share their assets on various protocols or blockchain networks.

Instant use of your earnings: OroPocket users can instantly use their earnings using asset-backed debit cards. Thus people can instantly transfer their assets around the world.



By and large, OroPocket offers seamless banking services to its users. There is no risk at all since the assets at OroPocket are 100% insured and backed by real world assets.


OroPocket boosts of a large following. The community members interact with each other on several platforms which include:




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