Managing Social Media-based Business Groups

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 2 Feb 2019

Teams and groups are important in the success of any activity. Informal businesses there are various groups set to achieve different goals. The emergence of online businesses has led to the use of virtual groups or teams. Internet-based businesses choose their own platforms to set out group chats or news channels. Most businesses use WhatsApp, telegram or skype groups to organise and coordinate their operations. Whatever form the group takes there is a need for coordination in order to maintain the interest of participants. I have been involved with a telegram, WhatsApp and Skype groups to further the interests of a certain online business. For example, empowr and Decenturion make use of groups to coordinate their business activities. However, oftentimes we find inexperienced personnel, running these group chats failing to maintain interest and keep momentum.

However, the running of virtual teams is the same as the management of our traditional teams and groups. At times it is important to use both written forms of communication and voice calls. Voice calls are stronger in bringing members together. This is so because people can exchange views there and then. When you form a virtual group, it is important to set ground rules on the onset. For example, some groups do not allow personal advertisement of goods and services. The reason why some people join various groups is to advertise their businesses and products. Allowing people to advertise their other businesses takes the attention of the group from its main objective. It is also important to clarify the purpose of the group. Some groups are there for training, coordination or giving updates. Thus each group should have a known agenda or purpose. Having more than one administrator of the group ensures sufficient control of group activities. Usually, with an online group the admin cannot be online every minute, therefore having four or five admins ensures that someone is always on standby.

The interest of members should be managed. This can be done by ensuring that there is constant communication. If there are breaks in communication, the motivation of members can wane. Therefore the flow of communication should be managed. For the groups that I manage, I post some information in the morning, some in the afternoon and some in the evening. This ensures that group members look forward to getting updates. At times it is important to include some personal development or motivational material, rather than strictly stick to the agenda. Bringing suitable outside links could keep the group active. One essential thing to take note of is never to reprimand members in the group chats. If a member errs in doing something, it is best to have a one on one chat. However, you can bring such issues as learning points to others, without quoting names of offenders. Respect in open group is essential.

I have decided to write about this issue because I have failed to get detailed material online. Therefore I call upon interested and knowledgeable people to contribute through the comments section. The need to manage online work groups is vital, considering the increase in the gig-economy and online presence.

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