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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 17 Mar 2019


Levelnaut, dubbed the CryptoSocial University, is one of the greatest sites dealing with cryptosocial activities. The website is full of vital information of cryptosocial networks and groups. There is also information on blogging platforms where users are paid in cryptocurrency for their contributions.


Many people are navigating from traditional sites, where they spend a lot of their time without getting anything in return. At levelnaut, you find various categories of cryptosocial platforms. These include crypto platform on music, art, games, educational and affiliate programs.


Apart from the web-based cryptosocial platforms, you also find mobile –based ones. For your own information, cryptosocial networks are social networks that are based on the blockchain. The good thing about these social network platforms is that there is privacy of data and information.


You also find crypto freelancing opportunities. Most of these deal with initial coin offering(ICO) projects and bounty schemes. These opportunities, for example, involve people doing micro-tasks on a short term base. They may promote ICOs or bounties.


The focus of Levelnaut is to spread accurate information on various cryptosocial programs. You find opportunities where you earn from blogging and microblogging. It is often referred to as the Cryptosocial University, due to the depth of information you get there. There are simplified information and practical guidance.


The other opportunity on Levelnaut is for you to become a crypto writer. You get more information on how to do that. You get a lot of networks of like-minded people. If you want to be a Levelnaut writer you have to read this article, Cryptowriters


I have been working online for many years but the site that helped me a lot to become a successful blogger and crypto-writer is Levelnaut. By reading the various sections of the website one gets a lot of inspiration.


If you have not yet opened your WordPress website, you can be taught to do that so easily. As you know WordPress is one of the best free websites online. Plus, with time you can turn it into a premium one, with a lot of features. Once it becomes a premium website you earn from ads from various ad networks.


Visit, levelnaut and start the journey to greatness.


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CryptoSocial News
CryptoSocial News

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