How Blockster will help blockchain companies

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 8 Aug 2021

Blockster is a social media platform created to bring people who deal with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets together, for the purpose of meaningful interaction.

In this article, we focus on how crypto firms benefit. If you are new to Blockster, then read this important article to have a good understanding of this game-changer in the crypto space.


So, how do crypto firms benefit?

The benefits of partnering with Blockster are immense. This is particularly so if your company is new to the blockchain space and requires exposure. Here are some of the benefits:

Profile page: Your Company gets a profile page on Blockster, with all details which include social media platform links. As a result, there is a great potential for many people to join your company.

Like-minded people: The people who are part of Blockster are into cryptocurrencies and digital assets. As a result, you can easily attract them to your business.

Advertisement platform: In the very near future, crypto firms and individuals can have paid ads that reach many people. Therefore, Blockster offers you the opportunity to create a bigger community for your company. As of now, Blockster has over 300 000 people on the waiting list.

Newsfeed: You can create content which you post on the platform. Therefore, many people come to know about your company.

Increase in demand for products and services: Ultimately, the demand for your products and services will increase, as a large market will search for them. If you have your token or coin, its adoption rate will be very high.

Partnerships: Since many blockchain-based companies will be on Blockster, there is a high opportunity for you to forge partnerships with some of these.

Who are the users of the platform?

Maybe now, you have a question of who are the type of users you find at Blockster. There are various groups of people who include: influencers, developers, investors, traders, gamers, educators, job seekers, miners, service providers, content creators, and many more.

This list of user types should tell you the nature of benefits you get on the platform.

Recap on Blockster

Blockster wishes to solve the problem of fragmented communities of blockchain and crypto users. It aims to bring together people within the cryptocurrency niche.  In general, Blockster has the following major categories of users:

Consumers: these are the people searching for certain types of content.

Content creators: These are creators of different content such as videos, articles etc.

Advertisers of goods and services: these are individuals or institutions with products and services they sell.

Visit Blockster, now.


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