Blockster a revolutionizing social media- based on the blockchain.

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 8 Aug 2021

Many people are aware of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Although these platforms serve a common purpose of communication and social interaction, they differ in several ways.

For instance, LinkedIn targets professional people. Usually, it is for the working class or those seeking opportunities. But today, I want to talk about Blockster. It could be the first time you are hearing about it. It’s not surprising.

What is Blockster?

Blockster is a social platform focusing on crypto fans or enthusiasts. It is based on the blockchain and aims to bring together people interested in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and Non-fungible tokens (NFts). Therefore, entrepreneurs, crypto writers, freelancers and start-ups converge at Blockster.

As we can see, Blockster caters for people who are searching for opportunities in the crypto sector. This is because companies and individuals will advertise their services on the platform. People find information about trading, investing and how to raise funds for projects in the blockchain sector.

The point here is that Blockster aims to be like Facebook, dominating social media, but only in the blockchain sector. This is because currently there is no big social platform built on the blockchain.

Services and products

I have the privilege of being an early bird on Blockster. Although it still has a limited number of participants, I am already enjoying the services. There are many features on the platform including:

Blockchain company profiles: Any blockchain-based company can establish a profile page on Blockster. Currently, they do not pay. Imagine, Publish0X and Trybe being there on Blockster too.

In the future, companies will be able to participate in paid advertisement programmes.

Pages: just like on Facebook, an individual can create a page, which he/she keeps on adding more information.

Groups: People can create groups the way they do on LinkedIn, telegram or Facebook.

My network: There is a section where you can see the people you follow and those who follow you. It is called My Network.

Newsfeed: This cannot surprise you. This is a section where you read trending news.  You find all trending news in the blockchain sector.

Blockchat: This is a live chatting platform. Just like Messenger on Facebook. You send and receive messages at any time without limitations.

Blockacademy: This is a learning section, where people educate themselves about various crypto-related issues. Think of them. They are so many: how to trade, how to open an account on an exchange, KYC etc.

What’s unique about Blockster?

After I talk with many people telling them about Blockster they ask me this question. We have Facebook, we have LinkedIn and we have Instagram, why should we join Blockster?

What a logical question! But the answer is very simple.

There are economic benefits to you as an individual. You have various ways of earning its internal token called BXR, which is based on the ethereum network. For example, if you are a content creator you have a chance of earning BXR token. You cannot do this on Facebook or LinkedIn, as of now.  

Second, that is a platform where like-minded people interact. Simple. Those interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs can chat with one another.

What’s to do?

You can open an account at Blockster now. If that chance is not currently open to you, you go on the waiting list.

Visit: Blockster.



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