ElvenLand makes partnership breakthroughs

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 31 Jul 2021

ElvenLand has entered a new era. Apart from its products which have been well –received on the market, it has forged strategic partnerships.

In fact, the ElvenLand team believes that partnerships are one way of reaching many people around the crypto space. Also, it believes that one important attribute of a successful crypto project is quality partners.

Partnership with Doracakeswap

This partnership is revered mostly because it is the first in the history of ElvenLand. Although Elven coin is on Tron blockchain and Doracakeswap on Binance, they will go far together. Doracakeswap boosts of a large community on Telegram and Twitter.

In its plans, Doracakeswap intends to have a decentralized exchange with probably the highest trading volume ever.

Also, it plans to introduce farming pools in the very near future. This is because liquidity provision is one of the best means for getting profit in DeFi.

Currently, Doracakeswap users can stake the Doracake token and earn 120% APR. That is a remarkable return in the industry.

Doracakeswap has a bright roadmap with the following:

  • Introduction of NFT
  • Lottery

These are the aspects which its community is looking forward to. It is also interesting to note that the internal token, Doracake is live on Pancakeswap.

In order to buy the Doracake, please visit the link:

For more information, join the telegram chatroom,

Partnership with Blockster

This is a breakthrough form of partnership. You may wonder why?

Blockster aims to be the giant in the blockchain based social media category. In fact, it aims to surpass Facebook.  It has its internal token BXR built on the ethereum blockchain.

Its road map includes the following major events:

On boarding of over 300 000 people already on the waiting list.

Cryptocurrency price tracking

 Business pages.

In fact you can take a look on its whitepaper,



Already, Blockster boosts of big partners:

Each of these partners has a page on Blockster website, enabling more than 300 thousand users to view it.

What benefit does ElvenLand Get?

This partnerships have many benefits which include the following:

ElvenLand has a special page on Blockster website:

All the products and important details of ElvenLand are found on this page.

ElvenLand shall also have a special group, advertising its products for free.

With this, ElvenLand expects to get more users, thus pushing up the price of the Elven coin.



Anyone can join Blockster and earn from its airdrop. It also have a very unique referral system.

Feel free to join,


ElvenLand is working flat out to increase the number of partners. For more information about ElvenLand, feel free to visit its telegram chatroom,










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