Elven coin is unique

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 5 Jul 2021

Believe me or not, the Elven coin is unique in so many respects.  Its unique nature will make it break big in the market.

I have been writing about the Elven coin for several months now. And the project does not fail to amaze me. New developments keep on coming. I hope many people will appreciate the focus of the development team.

 If you are among the people who are not yet taking this project seriously, then read ahead for a few more minutes.

The Elven coin is built on the Tron blockchain. It has a total supply of 300 million coins.  The team has a unique plan to maintain the stability of this token. It hedges the coin from volatility through supporting it with multiple tokens.

Here is the state of things. The Elven coin is the main coin; however, it is supported by several coins, also built on the Tron blockchain.  All the supported tokens are pegged against the Elven coin.  For example Lerta token is pegged at a rate of 1: 5. The Cryst is also pegged at a rate of 1:5.

In fact most of the coins are pegged at the same rate. However, other coins have different rates. An instance of these is Elven10, pegged at a rate of 1:10.

Each of these supporting coins powers a different project. For instance, Elven10 drives the project’s social platform called Poziturbo. It is used for rewarding all people participating on the social media platform.

Cryst supports the Positeca or positivity movement. The people who participate in this movement earn the coin.  Currently, Elven coin has supporting tokens.

The Elven coin is the first project in the space with such a vision and arrangement.


As you have noted, each subproject has its own token. Whereas the Elven coin has a large supply, the other tokens have low supply. This is done to ensure that some of the coins are inflationary while others are deflationary.

Interestingly, each project has its own managing team. That is why the Elven project is accepting more managers and administrators. However, one has to go through its ambassador program. The ambassador program consists of content managers and community managers.  

Future plans

The future of the Elven coin is bright. Soon, the project will have its own exchange. Currently people are trading the tokens in the telegram group called Vendisto.  In the near future, the team will turn Vendisto into a decentralized exchange.


The fact is that more developments are coming, but only people in its groups and channels can get these in the earliest moments.

You are free to join any of the communities:


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