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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 10 Jul 2020


I would like to guess that there are a few crypto enthusiasts who do not know about Markethive by now. This is because it is dishing out its coins for free in large amounts to individuals in return for carrying out little tasks. We are talking of the cryptocurrency MHV which is already listed on the crypto exchange.

Before, I talk about the distribution of its cryptocurrency to its members, let me first talk about what Markethive is.  It is an ecosystem of serious and professional business entrepreneurs.

It is a social network that connects business people and their potential customers. It is a social network because it has many features where people share ideas with one another. People can send each other direct messages.

People with like minds form their unique groups in order to meet their needs. They communicate with one another in these groups such as what takes place in Facebook, whatsapp and LinkedIn groups

It is also a blogging site. People can publish their articles on virtually all business related issues. These articles can be posted to various social media from that platform. You can post your articles to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr among others.

The truth is that Markethive is found in almost all countries of the world, according its statistical analysis. People of different races, age groups and gender are part of this system. Currently, Markethive’s population has exceeded 13 million people.

Markethive has more than 65 million page views every month. The reason is that Markethive has managed to connect all different types of people, including entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, artists, innovators and professionals.


Markethive is mainly used for marketing purposes because of its various features. In fact, it is an inbound marketing system based on social networking. The following are some of its remarkable features. I cannot write about all of them in this article.


The use of banners helps to meet the marketing needs of online marketers. Whatever, you want to market you can use banners. The banners are displayed among many domains, resulting in great exposure of information.

Video ads

Marketers can easily use videos to advertise their businesses. 

Press release service

Markethive receives a lot of traffic because of its link to many social sites. Markethive members can easily publish their articles to their word press websites.

The press releases are broadcast to more than 1 700 sites. As a result, it is a great marketing site. However, only sponsored articles or other media can be broadcast like that.

Gamified video advertising

Another advertising tool that is found at Markethive are videos. Sponsored video adverts are randomly broadcast in all its sites.

Markethive as a crypto earning site

As I pointed out earlier on, Markethive has its own cryptocurrency called MHV. This coin has already been listed on a number of exchanges. In the future MHV shall be the only currency used on the site.

There are many ways in which you can earn the MHV. In fact, this is the best site, I currently know which has many ways for its members to earn the cryptocurrency.

A member earns cryptocurrency from almost everything they do on the site. When a person logs in to the site, he/she earns the coins. He/she also earns the coins for joining a group, replying to a message, accepting a friend request, reading a blog post and commenting on a post.


You earn the coin for connecting your social media sites to the platform. One can also earn from creating a campaign. There are many other ways to earn the coins.

As you can see, it is too good to be true. However, this is the truth.

Now just visit the site and explore it in a few minutes to witness how you will be earning.

Click Markethive now.




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