Decenturion - The First Decentralised State

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 4 Feb 2019


World conditions are never static. Changes come one after the other. The recent changes that affect people on a wide scale have been the invention of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is virtual money, meaning it can only be used on the internet. People are able to buy goods and services using cryptocurrencies. They can also store their wealth in cryptocurrencies. The system of using cryptocurrencies is based on blockchain or smart contracts. The coming into effect of virtual currencies and the blockchain has led to the emergence of new citizen system. There is now a virtual state called Decenturion.

Decenturion is the first decentralised state. Let me dwell here for some moments. When we say that it is a decentralised state it means that the state has no president or governing body. The citizens have the power to directly control how things work in the state since there is direct democracy. Direct democracy means that every citizen has direct input in any decision that is made. Decisions that are made are based in the voting system, where the most voted for aspect is adopted. The overarching ideology of Decenturion is the creation of a state where citizens have the highest standard of living as compared against other countries-for which the comparison is based on some qualitative measures such as level of income, level of education, blockchain literacy and professionalism, among others. The idea is not to become the most populous state but the nation that offers the best in terms of the welfare of its people. This state will have the highest gross domestic product per capita. In terms of political ideology, the state wants to adopt the classic system, where all human beings were equal and had similar roles, rights and privileges. This state will have its own unique economy.

As a matter of fact, I am an enthusiast of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. When I was first introduced to the possibility of a borderless economy, I was amazed but never doubted its possibility. Anything is possible with technology. 2000 years ago people never believed that there would be aeroplanes and telephone systems, but here we are now. So, how could we question a vision that has been put forward by technocrats in an area? However, when I started passing around the great news of a borderless state I was barraged by many questions. My answer to the possibility of a virtual state is simple. If people can have virtual groups and platforms like Facebook and Twitter, how could people not coordinate themselves and their activities into a state? If people could do business on eBay, Amazon, Empowr and Click bank, how can’t they operate a virtual state- where communication is done through email, skype and telegram among other ways. People simply come together in a virtual community like VK and Quora. For your own information that is already what is happening. That virtual state is already in existence with hundreds of civil servants and about a dozen ministers.

Now, let us focus on citizenship. Every citizen of the world can also become a citizen of Decenturion. All that one has to do is to apply and follow the laid down procedures. There are two types of residents or citizens-
  1. Persons – individuals
  2. Legal residents- start-ups

These are residents of Decenturion who are real people. You and I can be citizens of Decenturion, in this category. To become a citizen a person should apply to Decenturion. After that, they should activate their passports. The passport is in two forms, the digital passport and the physical passport. The physical passport will be delivered to your physical address as indicated on the application form. When the person has activated the passport he/she gets a landing page in Decenturion website.

How do the people benefit?

We talked about Decenturion’s vision of having citizens with high income per capita. But how is this vision achieved? First citizens are offered many opportunities to earn income. Each citizen is given an opportunity to earn at least US$15 000 per year if he/she is to remain a passive participant in the economy. This income is distributed by start-ups to all Decenturion citizens, based on the internal tokens that each citizen already has. Above this basic income, citizens can occupy various positions in the Decenturion economy. Examples of the posts they can occupy and earn include being ministers, clerks, media personnel, mentors, coaches and curators. There are many tasks that need to be completed in Decenturion, and these activities can only be done by citizens. All its employees should be citizens. As Decenturion gets more established it will establish embassies in some countries, thus offering more employment prospects. Generally, citizens are given roles in the state based on the number of tokens they own.



The second group of residents are start-ups. These are new business entities that join Decenturion as citizens. These start-ups join Decenturion for a number of reasons which include accessing a big market for their products, raising capital through the issuing of tokens and getting wide coverage of their businesses. As you may know, Decenturion is now composed of hundreds of thousands of citizens. These act as users of products of start-ups. They also help in reselling the start-up tokens as well as promoting the products of the start-ups. In Decenturion there are also many competent consultants who will aid in the growth of the start-ups. Here are how the start-ups operate in Decenturion. When start-ups enter the Decenturion market, they will offer 50% of their tokens for free to the citizens. It is the right of every citizen to accept or decline the tokens that are distributed within the Decenturion community. The citizens who accept the tokens will advertise them on their landing pages, thereby earning from them. The liquid currency obtained from the sale of these tokens become the profit/benefit of the individual citizens who advertise them on their landing pages. The information in this paragraph has also answered the question of where Decenturion gets its revenue. The revenue comes from start-ups that offer their tokens to Decenturion citizens for free.

By the way, Decenturion does not take on board any start-up that comes along because that won’t be beneficial to the community. Decenturion grants citizenship to start-ups whose tokens are listed on the exchange. These tokens should also be usable as product covered instruments

The importance of Decenturion passport

The passport guarantees its owner a number of privileges which include:

The right to get free tokens from start-ups in proportion to Decenturion tokens (DCNT) held,

The privilege to sell the tokens of start-ups, registered by Decenturion,

The right to attend special conferences and events,

The right to invite other citizens and earn from doing that.

Posts existing in Decenturion

As pointed out, in the beginning, there are many opportunities in Decenturion in which people can earn a living out. We are saying that apart from help Decenturion to continue its existence, its citizens also earn holding the following posts, among others: curators, media, moderators, ministers and mentors.


The term media means two things. Media means all the platforms where some publications on Decenturion and the resident start-ups are posted for the public to access. These include platforms like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and websites. Accredited people referred to as media write articles and create videos to spread the word about Decenturion and affiliated start-ups. Media, thus also mean the people who spread information about Decenturion. The accredited personnel are paid per every article or video published. The amount paid per article/video depends on its quality. The media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.) should also be registered and approved by the Ministry of Information.


Experienced media personnel can apply to become curators. A curator is a trainer. He/she trains media personnel on how to spread information about Decenturion. They coordinate workgroups in different languages (countries). Each country has a required maximum number of curators. The curators invite new people to join Decenturion. In fact, the curator heads a section of people who use a certain language to spread Decenturion news. The curators also run media channels on telegram to spread the word about Decenturion.


A moderator is a person responsible for translating official Decenturion news into a certain language. Decenturion started spreading its information in Russian and English. Now it is spreading the information in various native languages. Therefore, the official information needs to be translated into other languages. That is the work of the moderator.

Way forward

If anyone wants to join Decenturion he/she should register and become a citizen. Thereafter, one can be assigned to these various roles. Currently, we hear people question the viability of Decenturion, calling it a utopian innovation. The good thing is that people have the right to think the way they can, yet the fact remains. One criticism coming from pessimists is that Decenturion is a pyramid scheme. No way. It is not a pyramid scheme nor an MLM project. It is a unique model of interactions among entrepreneurs, start-ups and citizens. In fact, Decenturion can be called a project of entrepreneurs and innovative businesses. It will be the richest organisation as it is funded by entrepreneurs and innovators. In the year 1400 BC who would have thought of the existence of the United Nations; but where are we now. We now have global organisations working towards certain goals such as peace and security. Whereas United Nations is more of a world-wide political entity, Decenturion is a world-wide socio-economic block turned into a real nation/state.

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