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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 23 Feb 2019

There are many ways to earn income online, such as trading in cryptocurrency or stocks, crypto mining, investments and micropayments. Some of these opportunities are riskier than others. In most cases, the majority of fortune seekers choose less risky options. One of the riskiest options is trading; either in cryptocurrencies or stocks.

Trading poses a great risk for a number of reasons. However, to reduce the risks encountered in trading, traders should acquire and possess special types of knowledge. For example, traders should have a good understanding of some mathematical concepts. This is because trading is based on probability. A trader who understands numerical sequences and statistics has a better chance of succeeding.

The mathematical skills required are linked to the need for analytical skills. The trader needs to analyse facts and figures in order to make decisions.

Apart from the above skills, traders should research widely. They need to find all the relevant information required in making sound trading decisions.

The above should not scare you, because these skills can be learned. You can learn all of these skills in resources found at Cryptotraderlibrary.



The ability to trade had been a great challenge until I came across great resources for traders. The Cryptotraderlibrary, a resource on telegram channel has all one needs to know to be a successful trader. This telegram channel is run by Hayan.  Hayan wishes to share trading knowledge with others for free. He interacts with others in telegram and other groups in order to help others acquire the best knowledge of trading.

His mission is “to provide availability of education resources to all traders and investors.” Many investors around the world have become part of this creative program. The resources you find in Cryptotraderlibrary is diverse, from books, videos and other tutorials.

The material covers many areas relating to trading such as risk management, elements of investment, trading rules, market analysis, how markets work, trading tactics and strategies as well as market timing. There is also depth in various ways in which people can make money online.

The resource covers various types of trading, including binary trading, crypto trading and stock trading. As you can see no one is left out, as long as he/she deals with online trading.

What I have discussed here cannot even cover half of what you find on the channel. It is a mature resource for all crypto enthusiasts, crypto scholars and blockchain analysts.

To see for yourself visit the telegram channel Cryptotraderlibrary

You can access some of my material at my website Moneyscope.

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