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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 4 Jun 2021

CoinMarketCap is a company registered in the United States of America which provides updates on the performance of various cryptocurrencies. First, it lists cryptocurrencies and tracks their performances on the market.

The information which CoinMarketCap provides enables investors to make decisions based on factual data. For instances, it records each cryptocurrency statistics, including market capitalization, rank, exchange volumes and prices. It also shows the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency as well as percentage prices changes over 24 hours.

When you are at its platform you can search for a wide range of issues related to cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). For example, it provides users with various exchanges where they can trade their cryptocurrencies. These include spot, derivatives and decentralized exchanges.

Market updates
Investors always want to have updated information on prevailing market condition. CoinMarketCap has its section called Market Musing where people can get updated information on various aspects of the crypto and NFT market.

It reports the coins or tokens whose prices would have gone down or up. It also shares topical crypto-related news, which may affect the prices of certain cryptocurrencies. Therefore, CoinMarketCap is a reliable source of news.

Crypto education
CoinMarketCap also offers detailed, yet simplified articles on basic cryptocurrency topics. For example, it has information on NFTS, best applications, how to buy cryptocurrencies, different types of blockchain networks and much more.

Hiring and employment
Many people do not know that they can visit the CoinMarketCap website and find employment. This is because it lists some companies that are hiring crypto and blockchain specialists.

There are many crypto airdrop lovers out there. Sadly, many people are not aware that at CoinMarketCap there are many airdrop opportunities. However, better later than never. Now that you are aware of the airdrops you can visit and take part. I have realised that there are airdrops that close almost every day. Therefore, if you are a regular user of CoinMarketCap, every day can be a payday for you.

Also, CoinMarketCap offers many competitions where people can earn something. For example, there are monthly content creation contests. I like their article writing competitions.

How to guides
This is another rich section for crypto lovers, beginners and professionals. As you note, this section has articles that teach people practical skills related to the blockchain, such as how to create NFTs, how to keep your crypto safe and how to mine certain cryptocurrencies among others.

Watch list
also At CoinMarketCap, you can create your watchlists. A watchlist is a cryptocurrency that you select so that you keep getting updated on it. Therefore, people choose cryptocurrencies dear to their heart, maybe for investment purposes, to track their variables.


In brief, CoinMarketCap has much to offer to the crypto community, from market updates, earning opportunities and investment portfolios. Therefore, this is a must website to visit for news and crypto education.

CoinMarketCap offers people many benefits. However individuals should do various things to become part of this community.

The first step is to register using the link-

 You can get the greatest convenience by using the app. Visit the following link to access the apps-

App Link  -

 Watchlists: In order to track the performance of your favourite cryptocurrencies, visit the link -

Communities: Do you know that CoinMarketCap has vibrant communities? You can join one or all of them:

 Telegram -

 Reddit -


 Facebook -

 Instagram -


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