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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 17 Feb 2019

There are many people who are earning from the internet. One of the ways many people want to earn is through trading in cryptocurrencies. Trading simply means buying and selling some cryptocurrencies, listed on the exchange. Many people have lost a lot of their income because they do not have the knowledge of how to trade. However, many others have made it in life through trading.

There is a crypto platform that trains people how to trade in cryptocurrencies. This site is called Bsai. It is a trading simulator. Many companies pay people to learn to trade, but it is completely free with Bsai. The learning process is very easy. You buy the coins when you think the price is low enough to guarantee profit in the future.

You sell when you are sure that you make a profit. In order for you to get a profit, you should sell at a price that is higher than the buying price and with a good cover for the trading costs. But at Bsai there is no trading cost. This sounds a good game, learning how to trade profitably. To try this simulation join Bsai now.

Apart from the trading simulation, you also get rewards in their internal tokens called Bsai Coin (BSC). From time to time Bsai offers trading contests. Here, you stand to win real cryptocurrency, which you can sell on the exchange and get cash. On a daily basis, you can claim some login in bonuses. Once you sign in every day, claim your daily bonus.

You can also get some rewards such as airdrops, from companies that are affiliated to Bsai. You stand a chance to earn more BSC when you invite people to join this program. You are rewarded up to the sixth referral level, which is a great opportunity.

BSC is an ERC20 token, meaning that it is based on the ethereum blockchain.

The unique blogging feature

Bsai has introduced a unique earning feature, the blogging platform. Any author has the opportunity to get paid for contributing articles in the area of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. In the initial stage, a writer is paid 20 000 BSC per article. You also get additional rewards for the articles. You earn more depending on the volume of likes, comments and readership. 

What I also like about this Bsai writing program is that you may be contracted by 3 parties to write for them and get paid, if you become a verified author with Bsai. You become a verified author when one of your articles is reviewed and published on the platform.

Everything having been said, we leave the ball in your court. Will you like to join? 

If so click on Bsai.



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