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By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 11 Feb 2019

In my previous article, I talked about bounty programmes. A bounty program is a program where participants are paid certain rewards for completing some tasks.  With the expansion of the digital platform, many people have joined crypto hunting jobs. There are now people who specialise in earning from various platforms for doing tasks in order to get bounties. A bounty is a payment made to a person for completing a certain task. The possibility of being paid for doing these tasks has resulted in crypto job hunting.  There are currently, two main types of activities that are carried out in exchange for payment.

The first set of these activities are related to programming and coding. System programmers or coders are paid for identifying hitches in software. Some of these glitches may result in system hacking, thus external specialists have the opportunity to identify such weaknesses and get paid. As can be seen, bounties are given to people who identify vulnerabilities in existing digital systems. For examples, crypto exchangers may need the service of developers and coders to identify their weaknesses. It is possible that in the future, companies such as Facebook and Twitter may like similar services. Currently, decentralised systems with their internal tokens are at the forefront of offering bounty programs. However, bounties remain a possibility for any organisation and individual who deals with online platforms. For example, individuals may offer rewards for people who identify hackers of their platforms or online programmes.

Bounties can be offered for other micro-tasks, such as translating whiter papers. Some organisations offer bounties for the translation of their news channels or websites. Popular other tasks are liking posts on official media, reposting content and commenting. This has been discussed in the previous article. In the past, bounty programs have not been properly organised. Recently a number of organisations have taken it as their full responsibility. There are companies that are acting as intermediaries for bounty programmes, acting between crypto bounty job hunters and organisations and individuals offering bounty services. This has resulted in individuals becoming freelance crypto hunters, earning from one opportunity to another. You and I can do the same if we wish.

One of the well-known organisation intermediating on bounty programs is Bounty0X. At Bounty0X there are various activities that are offered. The freelancers only need to choose the tasks they are good at. Rewards are in the form of ethereum tokens (ERC-20). Although ethereum is the most common form of payment, other lesser known coins such as NEO and Waves are used. Other organisations offering the intermediary services include GitCoin,, Fundrequest and OpenBounty.

As one may anticipate, digital bounty offers are many online. All that one has to do is to search for those opportunities. More of such opportunities will be unveiled with time.


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