African Writers Bureau launching writing courses

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 15 Feb 2019

Many writers have not had the opportunity to get guidance from established writers. This has slowed their growth. However, new development is on the card to create online writing courses. The courses are going to be practical, aimed at developing writing competency is participating individuals.

According to the estimation, the first course is going to be rolled out at the end of February 2019. African Writers' Bureau is asking interested individuals from the African continent to join its telegram and facebook groups. This will make it easy for everyone to know as soon as the new course is rolled out.

According to the inside source, the first course to be rolled out will be poetry. The focus is on the development of poetry among African writers, with a focus on African culture.


Within the next four months, all envisaged courses should be rolled out, which include:


  • Creative writing
  • Theatre arts- writing for the film
  • Article writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Writing for the web

These are going to be short courses, which are, however, very practical. The following are going to be part of the study program:

  • tutorials
  • study cases
  • self-help questions
  • written assignment
  • Videos
  • Webinars

Apart from these, there are going to be face-to-face discussions.

These are meant to be low-cost courses to develop the writers' basic skills.

Currently, the management is looking for partners in all African countries.

Interested people should join the official groups - telegram and Facebook.

Read more information on this post, African Writers Bureau.

The following are official groups:



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