A social media that pays people for social participation

By Mchapeyama | CryptoSocial News | 18 Mar 2021

The internet has unveiled many opportunities for people to earn online, mostly through cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. In recent years we witnessed different ways of earning, such as the following:

Earning from writing:  Writers and bloggers can earn cryptocurrencies by publishing articles on sites such as Publish0X. This is the leader in paying using cryptocurrencies. Of course there are others such as Trybe and

Using web applications: People earn from well-known web applications such as Brave Browser and Presearch. I am sure that most crypto lovers now earn from these.

Mobile applications: There are many mobile applications allowing people to earn a lot. These include Pi Mining and TimeStope. Imagine waking up every morning to see an increase in your cryptocurrency balances.

Social media: The social media has the potential to attract many people to earn online.  We witnessed some social media sites that claimed to pay people cryptocurrencies over the years. The sad reality is that nothing came out of it. We have come across some platforms like Empowr and WebTalk, which made a lot of noise. But can you not see the potential of earning from social media?

The good news is that there is a well-paying social site- PozitUrbo.

A social media that pays you for participating

There is now a social media platform that pays you to participate. This site is called PozitUrbo. It has many features such as easy sharing of documents, music and other electronic material.

PozitUrbo is a blockchain based social media. Elven is the token that powers this giant social media platform. Elven is built on the TRON blockchain. In fact, it is the internal token of Levelnaut, an IT company, operating on the blockchain.

The company has a maximum supply of 300 million tokens which power its unique ecosystem, composed of ElvenLand, and PozitUrbo. The Elven token (LVN) is used in the gaming industry and design.

A bit about ElvenLand. This is an advertisement platform based on Pixels. Currently, it is very cheap to buy the advertisement space. As part of the airdrop, anyone who buys a pixel earns some Elven tokens, the amount depends on its value which fluctuates from time to time.

Bounty and airdrop

The Elven Presale starts on 19 March 2021 and extends for one and half months. There are several ways to earn the tokens, which include the following three:

  1. Participating in PozitUrbo: Your participation in this social site earns you some Elven tokens. It is important to note that only people who earn the tokens. You become active if you create and maintain some groups. As long as you have a group with 5 members you earn some tokens.
  2. Ambassador program: Soon, the company will introduce any ambassador program. Many activities will be involved including other social media campaigns- Twitter, Facebook etc. If interested to become an ambassador join the relevant group stated at the end.
  3. Purchasing of advertising space: if you purchase advertising space you earn some tokens. The advertisement space are very cheap. The cost of a pixel is currently only $1.

What to do to earn the Elven tokens

In order to earn the token, you need to meet the following requirements:

Have a Tronlink wallet: that is where you tokens will go.

Carry out any of the above activities.



Get additional information.

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Levelnaut has a growing community and you are free to join any of these.

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