Hooked on RollerCoin + Earnings

Hooked on RollerCoin + Earnings

By Ronnie10 | CryptoSlice | 30 Jun 2020

Hey guys,

So, I am hooked on this game. I have been playing this for less than a month now. The amount of earning is small. But, it is fun to play and earn at the same time. I have written about this game earlier. But, this post is going to cover a lot about the gameplay.

A Brief

Briefly, the game involves a charcter who is a crypto miner. He earns hashing power through the really short flash games that you play. They're very easy if you are a gamer yourself. But, the good thing is that they are fun. That's what keeps me playing more and more games.

Here's the link to a walkthrough the website: Earn Bitcoin + Ethereum in 60 seconds!

My Current Progress


As you can see, I do not have the normal computer any more. I do have a MAC which allows me to keep the hashing power running for 7 days after each game. I can easily increase the hashing power which will increase the Exp. Reward per block. But, I play this when I am bored. So, that is why I have so far.

I will buy a minning machine soon to have it as a lifetime minning thing.

Explaining The Games


So far these are the available games and there should be more that are soon to come.


The rat is throwing coins and you have to tap on each coin before it falls down. But, becareful from any object that is not a coin.


I remember playing this when I was a kid. You are in a space and you have to move left or right to attack the enemy planes.


We all know the famous flappy bird. This is the same thing.


This is my least favorite game. It takes me so much time to hit all the blocks.


Basically, Candy Crush.


You need to jump on objects in order to reach to the top. If you encounter any alien, you have to tap on the top in order to click the alien.

2048 Coins:

If you have played 2048. This is the same thing. You need to drag all the coins left, right, up and down in order to match them together. You get more points if you match a higher coin.


This is my favourit game of them all. You get to match all the coins based on the place you remember them be. I win every game of this.

Dr. Hamster:

You have two colors that are already there in the game. The game is going to through objects and you need to move it in order to have 4 connected blocks the same color in order to win. I always get stuck at level 5.

Hashing Power:

Prize of hash power is different in each game. The ones on the bottom gives you more hashing power. They are supposed to be the hardest.


Finally, here is the link to join the game:



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