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By cryptosOG | cryptosinfo | 10 Aug 2019


Rollercoin is a unique bitcoin online simulator game, They have 70,000 plus signed up and close to 50,000 active users, The point of rollercoin is playing your favorite addicting arcade style games and getting mining power in return for playing which later mines bitcoin for you with your personal mining equipment, The game is legit and below i have posted pictures of the site and my withdrawls, Theres huge potential i just neve have time to play, They recently started their crowdsale for their rollercoin token, They plan on making it a proof of work currency but theres a catch, You dont physically mine them, instead they plan on using your in-game power as the hashrate, meaning the more game you play the more rollercoins you will collect in the near future, Dont miss this huger earning potential, Legit game and company.

Link - Cick here to go to RollerCoin

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Withdrawl Proof Below



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