Read.Cash: Earn BitcoinCash through writing

By yburada1289 | Cryptosiastic | 15 Aug 2020

Read.Cash is a blogging platform similar to Publish0x with a few unique features of its own. It is a platform where you can publish articles with images and videos and earn BitcoinCash.

To start, you can sign up using this link.

After you sign up, they will automatically create a Bitcoin Cash wallet that will exist just in your browser. No need to download or install anything.

How to earn on Read.Cash?

1. Become a writer. Write anything interesting in categories you prefer. It can be about cryptocurrencies, life, current events, inspirational/motivational, photography, etc. You can also include images and videos in your article which will get people to your point faster.

2. Earn money through upvotes. Anyone who upvotes your post will send you Bitcoin Cash to your online wallet (shown in USD form). It can be found at the bottom of each article.

You can also use it buy stuff (like any gift cards via eGifter, book hotels and airline tickets with Travala or exchange it to any other money using Or you can just withdraw it to your preferred BCH wallet anytime you wanted to.

If you are a reader, you can support the authors you like by sending them money via the upvote button. 90% goes to the author, 10% goes to to support the development and promotion of the platform.

3. Get Sponsor. Anyone who will register as your sponsor will give you certain amount which you will receive every month automatically to your wallet. Sponsors can be anyone – co-authors or even the main sponsors of the platform.

4. Affiliate Program. Promote your link to your friends or other social media. You will earn shares from the money earned by your affiliates.


Write interesting articles so you’ll get many audience.

          It takes time to find your own audience. You need to accumulate readers one-by-one just like a pearl is made - with tiny increments. Any successful blogger grew their audience slowly, with occasional burst

Write periodically.

          If you don't write consistently - people will start to forget about you. If you haven't contacted your audience for a year and suddenly start blogging again - expect 10% to 30% of your subscribers to leave/unsubscribe immediately. They won't even remember who you are and why have they subscribed.





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Hello this is Jane, also known as yburada1289, a new crypto enthusiast. I knew crypto few years ago, but never tried to be a part of this world. Only this year when I got interest to become one of the crypto enthusiast. I started from investing in a platform which gave my money back threefold. And then learned earning sites where I can claim free cryptocurrencies. It is really interesting. I'm earning free crypto and converting it to real cash. This made my decision to know more about this world.

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