SORRY, I AM LATE. my alarm didn’t go off...
I am a crypto late comer.. what to do?

SORRY, I AM LATE. my alarm didn’t go off...

By 8wordfish | Cryptoshield | 19 Apr 2020

SORRY, I AM LATE. my alarm didn’t go off...

… Come to think of it. Not even sure if the alarm didn’t go off or I just missed it. All in all its past mid-day and I just woke up! What had you for breakfast guys? Oh sorry its lunch time already.. geez!

Just woke up

Wow! it feels like I have been sleeping forever... starving! I should order something to eat.


Hostess: PAPII CRYPTOZ here, How can I help?

ME: Hi. I'd like 1 BTCs(pepperoni PIZZA) with ETHER(mushrooms), XRP(olives) and some extra TRONs(probably some lemon juice). PLEASE!

Hostess: Ok Sir, Please note ETHER is no longer a side dish these days. It is a complete dish on itself. Should we proceed with the order?

ME: (Confused).. sure please proceed.

Hostess: Okay. I'll have to transfer your call to our take-out department.

Recorded Message: Thank you for calling PAPII CRYPTOZ. All of our operators are busy at the moment. Please hold for the next person.

Take-out- Clerk: Thank you for waiting. Clare speaking. Is this for take-out or delivery?

ME: Delivery please.

Take-out- Clerk: Can I have your name and address please?

ME: My name is CryptoPolice, Address is AB45, Exchange Street 5.

Take-out- Clerk: Okay.

Me: How much will it cost? please.

Take-out- Clerk: Its 7375.3 USD only Sir.

ME: Excuse me!! I am not ordering GOLD madam, Its BTC(pizza)!!

Take-out- Clerk: Correct sir, Theres no mistake to the caliculations. 1 BTC is 7200 USD, ETHERs 175 USD, extras: XRP and Trons is 0.3 USD Totalling 7375.3


ME: Don’t worry about it, just cancel the BTC(pizza). Wrap-up only the ETHERs(Mushrooms), TRONs and XRP for me.

Take-out- Clerk: Noted sir. You have a good day sir.


NOTE:  A wise crypto investment for new comers this 2020, isn’t on buying BTC. With the current BTC price tag/value against the USD, It’s ridiculously unaffordable. The risk is too high for now. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest on smaller coins/tokens. If one BTC is worth 7k USD. How many smaller coins can you buy with that? Millions. This makes more sense than going for the shark its self.

In my story above after cancelling the BTC(pizza). I saved a clean 7.2k! With this I could eat a lot TRONs and XRPs etc.

See my ridiculous graph on how it helps me mitigate the risk and profitability involved on cryptos. Wel, atleast without breaking into the bank nor my bank account.


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Life and crypto enthusiastic. I am puzzled every day with the purpose of the earth. What am I to the earth? ... etc


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