Earn FREE $15 (BTC & OXT) from Coinlist through QUIZ and SIGN UP!

By Royshark | CryptoShark | 10 Mar 2021

What's Coinlist?

CoinList provides a platform for digital asset companies to run their token sales. Its customers are at the center of the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem including Protocol Lab and Blockstack. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.   Some of the previously token launched on the platform includes FLOW, NEAR, CELO, SOLANA, KADENA, NERVOS and ALGORAND.   Right now you can also buy / sell crypto directly from the platform like any other exchange.  


What do you have to do to earn the free $15?

The are currently 2 promotions available and you'll have to REGISTER FIRST.

Earn $5 in OXT by siging up and answering a quiz

In order to receive the $5 in OXT you'll have to register from HERE. The process of setting up the account is almost the same as any other exchange, beware that you'll have to complete the KYC process (no more than 5 minutes). Have your ID or driver license in have to speed up the process.

Once you have created your account you'll have to go to "Rewards" on the menu. Then scroll down and click on "learn more" on the Orchid box.

Then you'll have to watch the video that appears:


After the video ends you'll have to answer the quiz.







After you finish the quiz you'll receive the following message and that's it (in around 4 days you'll have your FREE $5 OXT in your account).


Earn $10 in BTC by trading $100 

In order to  obtain the free $10 worth of BTC then what you have to do is just complete a trade for a total value of $100 or more on the platform. It could be a purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency available.

You can also transfer a assets from another exchange or wallet, sell them on Coinlist and get the reward.

How I did it?

As all transaction are done in USD you would need to wire money which could incur bank charges. Instead, I transfered $100 Algorand from my binance account (If you don't have one you can SIGN UP HERE and save 10% on commissions on every trade) and then sold it on Coinlist. I did this because the ALGORAND fee to withdraw from Binance is cheap and had to sell it anyways.

Payment Time is around 4 hours for BTC, so you'll get your new BTC pretty fast.

If you have any questions about the process let me know!

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