Filecoin, looking for news

Filecoin, looking for news

By nopainnogain | CryptoShare | 1 Apr 2021

Hello everybody, I want to share with all of you some of the last news i've found about filecoin.

Fil is the top performer in the top 300 coins rank on weekly base.

It's gaining 40% in the moment that brings the week's growth to +150%!

Who is investing in FIL? Why is it growing?

I've been googling and i've found a few big company are seriously investing in filecoin mining.


The9 (ncty.nyse) is a company quoted on nyse market,based in China. They became famous in the online gaming world with WOW license for China.

In february they first invested $10 millions in filecoin's mining and two days ago on 03/30/2021 they invested $2 millions more.



Newu, a manufacturer company from China, with $400 millions in market cap has recently disclosed is gonna invest $89 millions in filecoin mining.



Filecoin is one the 5 last assets added to grayscale's trust on 03/17/2021.




Filecoin was added on coinbase in december 2020. There have been quite no "coinbase effect" meanwhile the real exponential growth has begun in the middle of february when the9 started to invest in mining. Then Grayscale adding it to its trust sent filecoin price to the moon.

Price raised from 30$ to over 200$ in less than a couple of months bringing Filecoin in the top 10 coins for marketcap.

What is your opinion on filecoin? Are you holding it or did you sell it too early?



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