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ICONbet what is it? This animated explainer tells the tale!

By Cryptosetups | Cryptosetups | 11 May 2021

Here is a short animated clip explaining What Iconbet.io is and a little bit about their Token called Tap.

Script below.

You’ve probably heard of ICONbet, the first decentralised casino to launch and operate on the ICON network. ICONbet is a DAO that host gaming DAPPS.

Now I know your probably thinking oh that’s very common in the blockchain space.

Here are a few reasons why ICONbet really stands out.

ICONbet never holds user  funds. EVER

All players participate by interacting with the blockchain and playing directly from their ICON wallet.

ICONbet source code for both the platform and each individual

game is entirely public on the blockchain.

You can actually review the code yourself and know that games aren't designed to favour the casino!

Wait what?

Yes it doesn’t favour ICONbet! But why? you may be thinking? More on that soon.

ICONbet serves as a platform for other developers to build  games on top of and receive a portion of the profits generated by their game.

All games are built and hosted directly on the platform. Ensuring full transparency.

What do I mean portion of the profits? Where does all the profits go?

Introducing Iconbet's protocol token called TAP.

TAP entitles holders to a portion of the revenue from the Casino.. (that’s up to 80% of the casino's profits that goes back to token holders!)


Tap serves as a governance token, giving holders a direct say in the future direction of the casino. That’s right, you are a co-ower of the casino! This is why everything is transparent and fair.

Iconbet is made by the players for the players

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