My Investment is Successful with the help of BCH, and coinbase

By Agilaxxx | CryptoService | 2 Apr 2021

I'm very thankful with Bitcoin Cash, and Coinbase.

I'm thankful most on the platform which give me an opportunity to gain and started to explore the cryptocurrency world with the help of the fund which I collect through the tips of other user and from platform itself. while I'm thankful on Bitcoin Cash BCH since it give me a variety of transaction and I cant start my ventures of investment without this two factor. LETS JUST SAY IN SIMPLE WORDS READ.CASH IS MY EMPLOYER WHILE BITCOIN CASH IS MY SAVINGS AND MONEY.

For those who is outside of the platform that could read this article of mine here is the brief explanation about it.  a platform where you can publish content (articles with images and videos) and earn Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency (ticker: BCH) for doing so. If a reader likes your content - he or she can upvote your post by sending some amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your online wallet.


With the funds that I gain I Start to Explore the Crypto space. well we cant gain if our fund stay stagnant right? so I decide to do invest my funds that I earn in in other cryptocurrency. From September 2020 till November 2020 I gain over 0.12193916 BCH on which is equivalent to $31.68 in US Dollar that time where the BCH is at the price of $259.82 in US Dollar . That time the CVC and DNT is newly listed in coinbase where is the big factor I decide to invest some there since we cant deny that coinbase had some effect which is called "Coinbase Effect" I don't know if its true or not but from my experience there is a truth on that I notice that from every time there is new token or cryptocurrency that listed there it keep rising not only on the price but also fame but not all newly listed in coinbase is rising from the start sometimes it rise from long time.

Do your own research while Invest on your own risk because this article is just my experience and own thoughts I don't have deep knowledge on financial aspect which I just invest with my own risk which is accord to my own thoughts and research so please keep this article as inspirational only and not as material for your investing.

On November 13 2020 I used one third of my savings in BCH to buy 100 unit of district0x (DNT) and 50 unit of (CVC) Civic. which is totally amount of $11.51 in US dollar. That time district0x is only at the price of $0.0651 in US dollar per unit so I convert about 0.02505581 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 100 district0x (DNT) which is equivalent on $6.51$ in US dollar. while I convert about 0.01924409 Bitcoin Cash BCH which amount by $5.00 in US dollar for 50 Civic (CVC) due to the fact that Civic that time is at the price of $0.1001.

And I'm very thankful that my first investment is profiting right now which I'm proud due to the fact that Investment is my first try investing and it been successful and hoping to profit more since I still keep it. It become only possible because of and BCH bitcoin Cash, right now my 100 district0x DNT is already have a total equivalent of $30.36 in US dollar since the price of 1 DNT in market right now is $0.3036 in US dollar. while my 50 Civic (CVC) is already equivalent to $26.17 in US dollar because the price of Civic (CVC) right now in market is $0.5235 in US Dollar.

Not only this two Cryptocurrency is the one I gain profit I also gain some in BCH Bitcoin Cash because I keep the two third I left it from the last time in my wallet. never thought that the price of BCH will be double this time so I get lucky which my 0.07763066 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $20.17 in US dollar that time is now equivalent to $40.96 in US Dollar since the market price now for Bitcon Cash (BCH) is $527.70 in US dollar.

I thought on the start I will lose because the first month of my investment in CVC and DNT they lose a price value in the market but I'm thankful I trust my guts and didn't panic which I keep it and say to my self lets see till the end since this is the path I choose.

As you can see in my chart On November 13 2020 I buy 100 DNT and 50 CVC which is total of $6.51 for DNT and $5.00 CVC. which on the first month of it down at $4.62 on DNT while $4.33 in CVC because the price of district0x on December 31 2020 was down to $0.0462 per unit while the Civic price get down on $0.0866 per unit. and thankfully at the end of the month of January 2021 the price start to surge which is $0.1258 per unit for district0x (DNT) and $0.1554 per unit for Civic (CVC). so my 100 DNT is equivalent to $12,58 while my 50 CVC ended in $7.77.

On February 28 2021 the price for DNT is ended to $0.1258 so the 100 DNT I hold ended with $24.46 while on CVC the price market ended with $0.3748 which is my 50 unit of CVC ended with $18.74. and on this end of the month of march which is end of the first quarter. the price per unit of DNT is ended with $0.3036 while the price of CVC is ended with $0.5235 so my 100 unit of DNT right now is equivalent to $30.36 while my 50 unit of CVC is equal to $26.17.

So at the end of my perseverance on this two cryptocurrency investment I gain a massive profit which from $11.51 US dollar Capital I have now about total of $56.53 from just this two Crypto Currency but I will still keep it since I believe that this two cryptocurrencies still in progress and still had lot of potential of growth. while I'm waiting for another opportunity on the other cryptocurrency.

Well from this chart you can see the stable surge and progress of the BCH month by month which also my surprise and never expected it that's why I said I'm very thankful on that help me to discover this currency which where my enthusiasm in cryptocurrency get started. The chart above is only part of BCH that i earn from from September 2020 till November 2020 actually it's only the two third of 0.12193916 BCH which is only about 0.07763066 BCH which is only total equivalent of $20.17 from November 13 2020 due to the fact that price on that time on the market was only about $259.82 USD.

My BCH gain momentum of surge price from December 31,2020 which the price market that time was on $358.77 where my left balance of BCH which is about 0.07763066 was equal already on $27.85 that time. On the end of January 2021the price of BCH is already in $415.05 so the 0.07763066 BCH that time was already amounted of $32.22 in US dollar. the price of BCH doesn't stop rise which at the end of the month of February 2021 the market price for it was already in $483.72 so my 0.07763066 BCH was equivalent to $37.55 in US dollar.

Right now my 0.07763066 BCH is already total equal in $40.98 which is already over doubled of the $20.17. this is only possible because the price of the BCH at the end of this month March 2021 was ended by $527.70 market price.



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