Using Squid Game to Teach My Students about NFTs

Using Squid Game to Teach My Students about NFTs

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 13 Oct 2021

With the end of the exam season, all hell breaks loose and my class resembles more and more like a zoo with every passing day. 

They are no match for this veteran teacher, of course. Persistence is my middle name, so I am determined to make them learn something.

But what should I expose them to? What could interest wild spirits that have run amok? How can I best prepare them for an unknown future? So I thought long and hard about it and executed the following lesson plan. Hopefully, this lesson plan would help some of you interested to educate your children or relatives.

1) Decided that the story of Benyamin Ahmed making huge bucks out of creating and selling Weird Whales was an ideal starting point because he was of the same age as my sixth graders.

2) Found a YouTube video of Benyamin explaining what NFTs are. It came with subtitles, so this would help some of my students who were not used to listening to foreign accents. 

3) Designed a worksheet. I wanted my students to do some introspection and think about what they liked to do with their free time.

4) Showed them the YouTube video. NFTs was something rather obscure to them, so I prepared questions that required my students to fill in the blanks with pertinent words from the subtitles:

Q2. NFT stands for _________________________________________.


Q3. Fungible means ________________________________________.


Q4. If I give you a NFT and ask you to return it a fortnight later, you have to return ___________________________.


Q5. Ownership of a NFT can be easily be transferred and verified by the ___________________________.


Q6. NFTs have started with _______________________.


Q7. Creating a NFT is known as ______________________________.


Q8. The easiest way to create a single NFT is to go on a platform like _________________ or Wearable and upload your artwork.

5) Showed them my ex-student's Instagram account (@thenextmostfamousartist) because he was an digital artist who branched out into creating his unique brand of NFTs. I knew that Squid Game was not meant for the young, but thanks to the prevalence of Netflix, they had all watched it anyway. It turned out that he did a NFT series on the Squid Game. Well, this managed to arrest some of my students' attention. If nothing else, most of them understood that NFTs enabled one to create digital art.

6) Lastly, I informed them about how career coaches always encouraged adults to look back upon their childhood and sieve out the things they liked to do when they were young so that this would shed some light on possible career paths. Well, my sixth graders were still living their childhood. Should I encourage them to think about turning their hobby into an occupation? So that was what I asked them on my worksheet. 

This is what one student wrote on her worksheet:


Post-Lesson Reflection

I don't know whether the concept of NFTs stuck with them after this lesson but well, even if they happily forgot about it, they would feel a sense of deja vu the next time they encountered NFTs. At the very least, they understood how coding was one of the essential skills for them to navigate the job market. I sure hoped that some of them would be inspired enough to pick up coding.

I also felt satisfied about getting my students to think about whether they would want to turn their hobby into a full-time job. Some of them answered yes; others replied nope. No matter. What was most crucial was that they had this impetus to think about life beyond elementary school.

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