Transferred my Publish0x earnings from Kucoin to Kraken

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 2 Dec 2022

Now that FTX is no longer around, I can no longer withdraw my Publish0x earnings on Kucoin and send them to FTX. This motivated me to set up an account with Kraken. Let's see if I will be able to cash out my Publish0x earnings successfully with Kraken.

The first thing I had difficulty with was finding the deposit address for USDT. I kept clicking on the icons, to no avail. I was getting flustered to be honest, imagining that maybe Kraken only allowed its clients to buy crypto on its website. Finally, I Goggled to find out how to find the deposit address for a crypto. I was informed that I needed to click on "Funding". Doing so led me to this page.


Remember to select TRC-20 network when you transfer your USDT because Kucoin charges a hefty $20 fee for ERC-20-based withdrawals.


Stuck to my routine of converting USDT to LTC because the LTC network doesn't incur high withdrawal fees.


Added my LTC deposit address that was derived from Gemini and then proceeded to transfer this LTC to Gemini.


Success! My paltry Publish0x earnings arrived safe and sound on Gemini in the form of LTC.


I am painfully aware that all these swapping and transfer fees take up a fair bit of my Publish0x earnings, but I guess I am thrilled that I managed to solve the mystery of Publish0x monetization for the second time! 


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