Shitposting for Donuts on r/ethtrader #8

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 21 Apr 2024

Crossposting the comments I type into r/ethtrader because it’s such a good avenue to get some Donuts. Did you know that you can convert Donuts to ETH on the OP chain via Jumper Exchange? Each donut is worth 2 cents today. It's a money spinner! Coupled with your Publish0x earnings, your online writing ventures could help you settle some bills. Not too shabby, huh?

  1. Did you know that the phrase “Bring home the bacon” started after a 12th-century priest rewarded a married couple with a side of bacon? 🥓-> 🩠. This phrase will evolve to “bring home the Donut”, mark my words.
  2. In Spain, “pasta” is a slang term for “money”. In Argentina, “‘mango” is slang for “peso”. In r/ethtrader, Donuts is the gwei for money 💰
  3. Pls take note n take care, Bronuts! Ethereum core devs have proposed a change to issuance that disincentivises staking beyond a certain point. Currently around 27% is staked and there are concerns this could grow to 100%.
  4. Did you know that *naches* is a Yiddish word for joy? It’s a special kind of joy, a joy combining pleasure and pride that only parents can get from their children. Well farming Donuts gives me naches, because it’s like watching my Donut bag grow from strength to strength. How about you?
  5. Did you know that *Ronit* is Hebrew for *my joy*? Sounds like an apt word to use on our beloved Donuts!
  6. Did you know that African driver ants lay fifty million eggs a year? I aim to have my content creation output to be as prolific as these ants!
  7. In order to have a decentralised database, you need to have security. In order to have security, you need to - you need to have incentives. These incentives Vitalik is talking about…? Could it be Donuts? 🩠gasps!
  8. Did you know that Koala fingerprints are so close to humans' that they could taint crime scenes. This also means that we can get Koalas to shitpost for Donuts for us. Are u/DBRIMatt and u/InsaneFries koalas instead? /s
  9. Having the personal energy and commitment to do everything you’re expected to do at work n undertake an additional project out of passion makes a powerful statement. So my boss would be impressed about the fact that I’m a qualified content creator at r/ethtrader!
  10. John Cassidy, the author of “Juggling for the Complete Klutz” advised to simply throw three balls in the air and let them drop. This eliminates the fear of failure because you get used to having balls fall to the floor. Lesson learnt? Shitpost to your heart’s content, Bronuts. Some comments are gonna fall flat but that’s okay!
  11. ICYMI: Ethereum's core devs announced this week that Ethereum Improvement Proposal 3074, which brings smart contract-like functionality to wallets, will be included in the Pectra upgrade. Bullish on Ethereum! Bullish on this sub!

Yes, I know I am good. I can turn any random fact into something ETH or Donut related. That is the prowess of a true content creator. Haha.

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