My next goal: publish on Mirror

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 3 Jul 2023

I have a school holiday today, so what better to spend it memorably than to try something novel? I have heard about the platform, Mirror, from Allen Taylor and am itching to explore it. I think it’s darned cool to publish an article as a NFT. I don’t have high expectations that someone would buy my NFTs but on the rare chance that someone does, it would be a great opportunity to use the Optimism Layer 2 platform.

First, I went to and linked it to my Coinbase wallet. If you prefer to link it to your MetaMask wallet, that’s also an option.



Once connected, I was ready to create my first entry. But it appeared that I had to first provide a profile picture and a brief bio. I selected one photo that featured me being at a contemporary art museum in Japan - mainly because it was taken several years ago and gave the illusion that I look younger than I actually am. Shhh…this is a secret between you and me. 



So, this is what my complete profile looks like. Stunning, isn’t it?



I was now ready to create my first entry. I managed to input the title and excerpt but it seems that I could not type (read: copy and paste from Publish0x) my entry on my mobile. 



There goes my endeavour! I didn’t bring my work laptop home, so I could not access Mirror on a laptop. I mean, I do have my personal laptop but it is as old as my marriage (which you can guess should be long) and takes forever to start up. I just don’t want to spend my precious school holiday waiting to see a piece of metal crank to life. So I guess I will mentally file “Publish on Mirror” on my to-do list and try to complete this task on my work laptop again sometime soon. 💻 Stay tuned for my update! 

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