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By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 17 Sep 2023

When I first joined Publish0x in June 2021, I was energised by the many writing contests. It not only allowed me to learn more about different platforms, but also enabled me to earn some extra money.

These days, the writing contests here are far and few between. But I remain here because Publish0x provides such a conducive environment - supportive readers, payment in the form of Ethereum, okay to cross-posting. I soon regarded Publish0x as my daily blog, in which I posted anything and everything, ranging from my work experiences to travel recommendations in Japan to crypto adventures.

So I think it was a bit myopic of me to just regard Publish0x as a money-making opportunity in the past. Somewhere along the way, I accumulated 900+ readers. I have become a writer who has gathered some form of authority.

I realised this when someone on r/ethtrading asked if there was anyone who blogged on Publish0x. He hoped that Publish0x writers publicise this subreddit on their blogs. So, I responded to his request and wrote a promotional piece. Imagine my pride when I commented on r/ethtrading about how I have shared the subreddit with my 900+ readers.


To not let the momentum die off, I wrote two Publish0x posts about my time on r/ConeHeads and let the good folks on that subreddit know about my literary attempt. It was well-received. 23 upvotes and counting!


I guess the message I want to share is that Publish0x allows ordinary writers like you and me to build a brand presence. People do know of Publish0x as an authoritative source of crypto news, so we come across as forward-thinking and credible just by posting here.

Thank you, Publish0x, for enhancing my confidence about my writing and fuelling my passion in writing. Thank you to you, you and you for choosing to follow me.


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