I Traded 199 Reddit Moons for US$10

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 26 Mar 2022

Prior to my trade, I heard that some prolific writers were trying to post and/or comment on the subreddit r/cryptocurrency so as to garner moons. But I wasn’t too intrigued by it all because I assumed that one would need extraordinary patience and truckloads of time to wait for his moons to grow to a substantial pile before redeeming them for cash. 

After all, Torum requires a user to post consistently for at least a year before he can earn the required 500 XTM for redemption. So I thought moons were similar to XTM.

But the other day, a kind Publish0x reader tipped me 199 moons. I thanked him gratefully, for now I had some play money to ascertain the value of one moon. Thus lies the purpose of this article. If you Google “How to redeem moons for fiat”, you will be bombarded with tons of Reddit posts, all of which contain a complicated series of steps that are bound to deter you from the mission. Luckily, I persevered and found a Medium article that spoke about celesti.trade


The redemption process was simple and uplifting. I happened to have a Coinbase account. I had earlier completed the quiz on Stellar Lumens and thus, knew that Coinbase supported XLM. Since Celesti made available the swap of moons to XLM, I was good to go.

First, I inputted my Stellar address and Stellar memo into the fields. Don’t forget to input your Vault Moon address from Reddit. There are instances in which the redemption would fall through, so you will want to be refunded! 


Doing so would prompt you to a page where you could copy the address provided by Celesti. I just headed over to my Reddit Vault and pasted it here:


Were my moons sent over to Celesti successfully? You betcha, because this is what I happily observed in my Coinbase account one minute later.

Such an adrenaline rush, right? I want to thank this reader again for this morale-boosting, ego-affirming and mind-blowing tip. Yes, I know that mind-blowing sounds a tad extreme, but now I know exactly how to earn fiat from shit-posting in r/cryptocurrency. He helped me create another income source! 

It is just so exciting, these times we live in, that we are able to monetise the comments we write on a social media platform.

I hope the ease of converting moons to fiat would encourage you to give r/cryptocurrency a go. Yes, I’m aware that long-time fans of this subreddit lament the decline of journalism and commentary, so they feel a profound sense of loss. For better or for worse, I was inducted into this subreddit after the introduction of moons as currency, so I wouldn’t have the ground to compare the past with the present. The daddy hustler in me just wants to put better food on the table. Ha!

My name on that subreddit is cryotosensei. See you!

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