How To Make Small Talk About Crypto

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 8 May 2022

If you have read my recent articles, you will have understood that I have been spending my time shitposting at r/cryptocurrency in hopes of securing a better life for my family. Of course, I will not hold back from sharing my method with everyone here. The way I get moons is to ask questions in the Daily Discussion thread.

Sometimes, I get responses. Other times, I get radio silence. But one thing’s for sure. I think my questions can be used whenever you want to engage in crypto-related topics with people but don’t know how to start the ball rolling. If this sounds like you, why not use my list of questions? I dare say that I’m good at asking thoughtful questions due to my training as a teacher!

  • Play to Earn, Move to Earn, Chat to Earn. Which of these is your favourite, and why?
  • What is the one crypto thing you have done so far in 2022 that you are proud of? It can range from selling at the bottom to minting your NFT to trying out a new platform.
  • Describe your Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) to protect yourself against this bleak crypto winter 🥶
  • Given that Learn & Earn lessons from Coinbase are as rare as the blue moon, but which coins do you want Coinbase to cover, in an ideal world?
  • Have you tweaked your DCA strategy during this bear market, and if so, how?
  • For those of you who have triumphed over previous bear markets, what advice do you have for the rest of us not to lose heart?
  • How many CoinGecko Candies do you have?
  • Who or what taught you the most about crypto?
  • What are some crypto apps you hardly use anymore but somehow just can’t bear to delete from your phone?
  • What’s the one crypto app you cannot do without?
  • How many crypto apps do you have on your phone?

You can see that I employ a roundabout way when asking someone about his/her crypto pursuits instead of coming right out and asking “What coins do you hold in your portfolio?” I believe that some people will appreciate this style of questioning because it is less threatening and helps put them in the headspace necessary to have a great crypto discussion. Anyway, the only way is to try out these questions and tell me if they work for you!

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